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eBay Announces Plans to Aquire Terapeak


Today, eBay has announced that it intends to acquire Terapeak.

If you're a regular Terapeak user, you're no doubt wondering what this means for you and for the service you've come to know and love. Here's what it means, in a nutshell.

Terapeak is Staying True to Its Mission

Terapeak was founded in 2004 by two eBay power sellers who wanted to make the most of the opportunity that eBay offered to them—the opportunity to serve shoppers in historic new ways, all while building a thriving online business.

Since then, Terapeak's mission hasn't strayed from this purpose. We exist to optimize e-commerce for everyone. We provide tools that help sellers to discover and market the products that buyers want — enabling growth and profit for sellers and a better shopping experience for buyers.

Under the eBay umbrella, that mission won't change. eBay believes in the very same mission for Terapeak—and eBay believes, as we do, that today it can be carried out more effectively if Terapeak is a part of eBay.

Your Subscription Won't Suddenly Change

If you subscribe to Terapeak, you'll continue to log in and access the same tools that you already use every day. No sudden interruptions or changes are planned.

So if you logged in to Terapeak yesterday to drive more sales, and you're logging in today to optimize your listings, you'll also be able to log in tomorrow to find new products to carry, just as you always have.

As a Terapeak user, you can still rely on us for the growth and success of your listings, your sales, and your business as a whole—and both companies want to keep it that way.

Our Service Will Get Better and Better

What you will see over the coming months and years are growth, exciting new possibilities, and a new evolution of features made possible by Terapeak's integration with eBay’s Seller Hub. Over time, this integration will provide you with powerful new sales-enhancing tools and technology.

For years, we've had unique access to eBay's immense universe of data—hundreds of billions of dollars in products, listings, purchases, and sales from around the world, going back years into the past.

As a part of eBay, we'll be able to crunch even more data in new, more compelling ways and places, when and where it matters most—to save you more time, find you new opportunities, and generate more value for every eBay user.

We Couldn't Be More Excited

Happy buyers and thriving sellers have always been the name of the game at Terapeak, and we believe that as a part of eBay, we'll be able to help make more buyers and sellers happy than ever before.

Given the millions of users that Terapeak has already served over the years, that's saying something.

In short, stay tuned—the best is yet to come!

You can find eBay’s announcement about this acquisition here. We’ve also made some changes to our Privacy Policy to reflect eBay’s intent to acquire Terapeak, which you can find here.

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