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How CMS Vendors Need to Sell Themselves in Today's Marketplace

Friday, Feb 26th 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET

With literally hundreds of CMS solutions to choose from and new mystifying buzzwords continually popping up like Digital Transformation, The Customer Journey, and Omni-Channel Marketing, how does one standout against all the noise and confusion?         Read More

On January 28th, Alan Pelz-Sharpe and Butch Stearns reviewed the news and events that shaped 2015 and predictions for the content management industry in 2016.  Also, Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software reviewed Sitefinity CMS and the changes made since the acquisition of Telerik by Progress.  

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Jan 2016 - "What Happened in 2015 & What's Next in 2016"
Headline News

Recap of 2015

Alan Pelz-Sharpe and Butch Stearns discuss the year that was being that it was such a pivotal year in history for the CMS Industry & the Tech Industry as a whole. Alan sums up the year with one word, 'consolidation'.

CMS Insider

CMS Insider - 2016 Predictions

Alan Pelz-Sharpe and Butch Stearns dive into the predictions and trends for the content management industry for 2016. Will we see more e-commerce options, large vendors incorporating more digital marketing features, or CRM starting to dominate?

Dec 2015 - "Is the Suite Approach to CMS Dying?"

Drupal 8 Finally Released

Drupal released the long-awaited Drupal 8.0 platform, setting off a series of bashes and social celebrations — 200 parties around the world according to Drupal creator Dries Buytaert.

Promises of the best from Ektron & EPiServer

The new release of the Episerver DEC is expected to offer substantive new and converged functionality and promises to empower marketers, merchandisers and digital developers to achieve their ideas through a productive “people-first technology” platform.

Featured Topic

Is the Suite Approach to CMS Dying

While most of the leading vendors in today’s Web CMS market are very suite oriented, there is a huge appetite by organizations to rip-and-replace technology that they have put into place. Watch Butch Stearns, Scott Liewehr and our special guest Alan Pelz-Sharpe as they dive into the topic.

CMS Insider

Finding Meaning in Global Customer Experience

The constant drumbeat of market-speak has nearly pushed us to the point of semantic satiation with the terms "customer experience." Scott Liewehr, our expert insider plunges into the topic to see if the term CX has lost meaning.

Nov 2015 - "When to Abandon your Web CMS"

Change Ahead for ECM, Gartner Warns

It’s not “business as usual” in the ECM marketplace, Gartner analysts Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Kenneth Chin and Karen A. Hobert concluded in a new Magic Quadrant report on enterprise content management.

Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight - commercetools

Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software gives us her in depth review of commercetools, a provider of individually customizable eCommerce solutions as Platform-as-a-Service.

CMS Insider

CMS Insider - Drupal 8 Countdown

“We will schedule an official release date for version 8 when we are confident that the rate and nature of incoming critical bugs has slowed enough to ensure a stable release”. See what analyst, Scott Liewehr has to say.

Oct 2015 - "WCM's Shift to an ROI Machine"
Headline News

Livefyre pairs with Salesforce and Adobe

Each pairing brings benefits to brands interested in upping their content marketing and social engagement game. The partnerships will help users pull content from their social networks as well as make better use of content created with Adobe products.

Featured Topic

WCM's Shift to an ROI Machine

Robert Rose and Butch Stearns examine why WCM platforms must innovate thus providing organizations the flexibility to instantly access and share data across the integrated platforms.