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Natalie Evans

By Natalie Evans

July 23, 2018

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CMS-Connected has compiled the most comprehensive list of tradeshows, seminars and events in and around the ECM, WCM, CRM, eCommerce and digital marketing industry. 

If you have a relevant event you would like us to list please use the Add Event button or if you would like to have CMS-Connected’s media team at your event with videotaped coverage, keynote taping, attendee video interviews, and full production live talk show on any specific topic, please let us know.


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Getting Started with Kentico EMS - London
Webinar, Jul 24
Event Website

During the Kentico EMS webinar, you will get an in-depth look at how the product works. Learn how to create and manage online marketing campaigns, and how to utilize A/B Testing in your campaigns. Additionally, see how you can dynamically collect contacts, use Lead Scoring, and ultimately leverage the power of web analytics.

Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure
Webinar, Jul 24
Event Website

Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft that helps developing scalable, secure and performant cloud solutions. Azure has the capability to host virtual machines in addition to offer access to a range of applications hosted in the cloud without any extensive know-how of the development tools. Managing the virtual machines and possessing to work in the hybrid environment is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s cloud age. Understanding and architecting the Azure architecture is a must-have skill developers and administrators need to acquire to craft rich Azure solutions. This webinar is a foray to explain the Microsoft Azure architecture and guide you through the techniques to design the same with much needed knowledge of the related aspects.

Online Retailer Australia
Sydney, Australia, Jul 25 - 26
Event Website

Online Retailer is the event that has supported the ecommerce industry from the very beginning for 10 years and counting. Australians in the ecommerce space, know and trust us, as a premium conference and exhibition designed to offer content for technology led retailers.

ANA Digital & Social Media Conference
Los Angeles, CA, Jul 25 - 27
Event Website

The digital and social media landscape continues to change at an unprecedented pace. What’s cutting-edge today may be passé tomorrow. The 9th annual ANA Digital & Social Media Conference will feature top CMOs and key leaders who will cover important topics such as AI, augmented reality, influencer marketing, voice, virtual reality, social media, chatbots, content marketing, measurement, and more! The ANA Digital & Social Media Conference has become the annual “go to” event to discuss industry issues and to network and reconnect with friends!

Marketo's Secrets to Scalable Demand Generation
Webinar, Jul 26
Event Website

Curious to see how the Marketo Demand Generation team uses Marketo to scale programs and grow revenue? Join Mike Madden, Director of Demand Generation, as he breaks down the core marketing automation principles to building a demand generation machine that scales, performs across regions, and drives more win-ready leads!

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Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans has over 16-years in the tech industry and currently works as the event coordinator and tech reporter for CMS-Connected, keeping up-to-date on what's happening in and around the Content Management industry.