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Per Bendsen To Help Elevate Digizuite's Product Innovation

Digizuite is fortunate enough to attract top talent to help accelerate our international growth. The latest addition to the team is Per Bendsen, who is taking over as Head of Research & Development.

Per is an established leader with an impressive background in both the startup and enterprise world. Among many remarkable achievements, he led the team responsible for the Lego.com platform. Per has also run his own startup and been a key player in developing and growing companies like Creuna.

With his deep technical expertise and leadership abilities, we know Per will bring tremendous value to the team, the product and to Digizuite as a company. We wish you a warm welcome to the Digizuite Family! 

In Per’s own words: “I am happy to join Digizuite and honored by the trust that’s been placed in me. During the onboarding process, I’ve learned how talented and dedicated a group of people I’ll be working with.

Digizuite is a significant player in the international DAM market with a solid footprint and an impressive strategy. The growth potential is clear so I’m excited about taking on the responsibility of leading the research initiatives and development teams. Even though I have over 24 years of experience in software development and leading development teams, I still find the challenge and possibilities fascinating and I am looking forward to making a difference.

Besides growing Digizuite’s agile development teams and likewise the scaled agile development processes, I am looking forward to moving it into a distributed and international setup where talent can join from around the globe.

My philosophy is: Always have fun… and create solutions you are proud of.”

Please join us in welcoming Per to the team!

DAM software supports digital transformations 

Since 2000, Digizuite is serving global companies and organizations from all over the world. With additions to the team, Digizuite is maintaining their 100% focus on taking over the North American market, ultimately preserving their position as a sought-after DAM vendor for enterprises. 

Businesses, including global brands and Fortune500 companies, use Digizuite™ DAM in their digital transformations to automate and optimize digital processes when managing digital content (images, video, documents, audio, VR) from one place and sharing on multiple channels. Digizuite has offices in Denmark, USA, UK, and Belgium.

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