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Weekly News Wrap-up for February 13th to 17th

Laura Myers

By Laura Myers

February 18, 2017

Welcome to Laura and Venus’ weekend Coffee Chat, where we discuss our thoughts and commentary on the stories of the week, to catch you up on what the popular topics of conversation have been in the Digital Business world. 

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How to Make User-Generated Content Work for B2B Audience 

Just because you don’t have a product like GoPro that users are dying to post the pictures when they purchase one doesn’t mean B2B brands can’t cash in on UGC. So the question is; how to make this kind of idea work for a B2B audience? As the old saying goes; where there’s a will, there’s a way.


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Why Content Syndication Should be Part of Your Strategy

Whether you refer to it by that name, promoted content, recommended content or republishing, the concept falls under the same process of pushing your content out into third-party sites. The type of content can be an article, blog post, press release, video etc. and the benefits are just as vast.


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SpringCM Reels in another $25 Million, Appoints a New CEO 

SpringCM, a document and sales contract management solution for Salesforce customers, has raised $25 million in funding. In conjunction with the funding, SpringCM has appointed Dan Dal Degan.

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Industry's First Analytics & Machine Learning AI Search 

Coveo, a provider of intelligent search technology, announced an increase in GAAP revenues by more than 80% as compared to CY2015. In fact, in 2016, the company also experienced substantial team growth, adding 100 employees, to reach a total of 300 employees worldwide.

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Customer Experience Management Starts at Home 

Customer experience management (CEM) is quickly becoming a primary focus for companies looking to garner, gain, and keep market share. What many of these organizations are missing is the value of beginning their CEM strategy at home, with their employees.

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RSA, Big Data & Analytics, Marketing Sherpa and More 

February 13th – 19th we have a few industry conferences showcasing a little of everything, security, big data, analytics along with marketing and SEO events. Read full article here. 

Laura Myers

Laura Myers

A digital business, marketing and social media enthusiast, Laura thrives on asking unique, insightful questions to ignite conversation. At an event or remotely, she enjoys any opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the industry.

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