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Laura Myers

By Laura Myers

February 4, 2017

Thanks for stopping by to check out my brief recap of our stories for the week but make sure you come back next week, when we have something exciting up our sleeve, a whole new way to roundup all the news we cover in a week here at CMS-Connected. 

Top Vendors Weigh in on Forrester WCM Wave 2017

When a report like The Forrester Wave: Web Content Management Systems, Q1 2017 comes out, there are frequently articles discussing the vendors featured but here at CMS-Connected, we always want to know what these vendors are saying first hand. Often the inclusion is a milestone that makes an organization feel recognized for their efforts of keeping their platforms on the cutting edge of technology, and sometimes, their ranking can be the spark to light a fire of innovation to move ahead in their positioning.  

As you’ll see in the article, we heard from Dries Buytaert, Acquia CTO and co-founder, James Norwood, Executive Vice President Strategy, CMO at Episerver, Arjé Cahn, CTO Europe, BloomReach (Hippo) and Arjen van den Akker, Product Marketing Director at SDL. Each gave us valuable insight into their organization which could be leveraged by any organization in the market for a new WCM system, and is looking for the one that speaks directly to them.  

Read the full article here

How to Develop a Digital Strategy and Roadmap

It’s been determined that nearly 71% of companies do not have a roadmap set out to guide their digital transformation in the coming years, and while that number may seem shocking, it’s understandable as determining that strategy so far in advance can be a little daunting to say the least. The hesitation exists for a number of reasons, but I would say the complexity, awareness and rapid evolution of the market are likely the biggest inhibitors.

In her article, Venus helpfully works through the most desirable business outcomes of having an effective strategy, how to build it and of course the power of a well thought out and executed plan. A pitfall she identifies and I wholeheartedly agree with is often organizations choose to follow the leader vs cutting their own trail. No two organizations have, or should have, the exact same culture, needs and goals so no one should have an identical roadmap. Take cues from similar businesses but the best advice, it to utilize outside resources that can advise and support through a staff that spend day in and day out knowing all there is to know about the digital landscape. 

Read the full article here

Exclusive Interview on Kentico’s Campaign Management Module

On January 26th, I got the chance to speak with Mark Raymond, Territory Sales Manager with Kentico for North America West and given his in-depth knowledge of the new Kentico 10, I wanted to pick his brain on the exciting new marketing capabilities it offers. 

In the corresponding article, Venus expands on each of the modules available but in the interview, Mark touches on a couple that stood out to me. The ability to schedule campaigns opens up the ability to launch whenever it will be most impactful, rather than when someone is in the office to hit ‘Go’. There is also the ability to adjust a campaign during its course vs waiting until the end to regroup and relaunch, this will save so much time and effort and undoubtedly result in a higher success rate. 

Above all, Venus and I agree on the same top feature as we share the same nature of being self-professed statistics junkies. She highlights that the reports are recalculated every hour until the campaign is finished, giving marketers that deep dive grasp to understand the success and pitfalls of a campaign almost in real-time. 

Read the full article here

Crownpeak’s CTO Explains Digital Quality Management and DDoS

Crownpeak has been one of the many busy vendors in 2016, in the the last 12-18 months the company has undergone key organizational changes in its leadership team, merged with a digital governance vendor and confirmed a $50 million investment by K1. To get these details and more, I interviewed Adrian Newby, CTO at Crownpeak midweek. 

The biggest differentiator for Crownpeak, is it’s the provider of the only cloud-first DXM platform to feature built-in Digital Quality Management (DQM). In the interview, Adrian gives us a great rundown of what DQM specifically is, and why it’s an important consideration, all points Venus expands on in her corresponding article. 

The final topic covered, is the time and energy Crownpeak has been investing in combating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Crownpeak was asked by The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation to design a top-notch DDoS-resilient platform. To leverage the threat protection strategy, the vendor took advantage of Amazon Web Services’ technology. When the solution was completed, they tested it by launching a massive DDoS attack. As a result, 100 million requests a minute and over 1 million requests a second sent to servers didn’t impact the end user experience. The company made a study case out of this experience and presented it in detail at AWS re:Invent 2016.

Read the full article here

Salesforce Enhances UX Services Through Sequence Acquisition

If you thought Salesforce was done acquiring last year, you were wrong. The CRM and cloud giant has purchased Sequence, the user experience design agency that works with brands like Facebook, Best Buy, Peets, EA, Logitech, L’oreal, Amazon, Apple, Google, WebMD and more.  

Salesforce already provides experience design capabilities through its “Add-Ons” consultancy services and the vendor doesn’t have plans to offer user experience as an exclusive platform for businesses but, now that the Sequence team is on board, user experience capabilities will be integrated into its existing CRM platform in order to create a one-stop shop for businesses.

Considering brands are consistently looking for new and better ways to engage with their audience, it's no wonder why UX services have recently come into focus. Huge business technology providers are integrating these services into their platforms to help customers make a splash in their industry with cutting-edge apps, new UX and UI design, and high-end digital experiences

Read the full article here

Laura Myers

Laura Myers

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