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Nintex, the World Leader in Workflow Automation

Nintex is a company that has been in the SharePoint ecosystem for more than 10 years. Mike Fitzmaurice tells us at Nintex, they feel by empowering the individual it empowers the organization, and prepares employees to tackle problems together.

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The Future of SharePoint 2016

Microsoft held its Future of SharePoint event and announced a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for its SharePoint solution. Hear from industry analyst Scott Liewehr on his take of the SharePoint event and their latest "2010 innovations"

SharePoint 2016 reviewed by Amy Martyn

SharePoint unveiled a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision at the Future of SharePoint event. Hear from tech insider, Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software as she explains which features have been released so far and what people are saying. Amy also interviewed the CRO of Akumina, David Maffei to get his insight into SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint Fest Seattle 2016 Wrap-up - David Wilhelm

We catch David Wilhelm as the event winds down to discuss some of the feedback he received from attendees of this event, and how the content of each event is enriched by the almost minute to minute evolution SharePoint and Office 365 are known for.

The SharePoint and Office 365 Support Community

Tom Resing, a Content Developer with Microsoft, tells us how important feedback is from customers, how they work with these responses to better the Office 365 experience, and how they look for positive tips from customers to share amongst the community of fellow users.

Intelligence, Insight and Analytics from SharePoint

A Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft, Bill Baer explains how the recent advances made by SharePoint and Office 365 are really driving user adoption, and delivering more intelligence, insight and analytics than ever before.

New Product Release at Microsoft Ignite

Chris Johnson from Hyperfish, a new start-up company in the Office 365 space, tells us about their new product that is designed to make your directory data and people data more easily accessible to make various Office 365 tools come alive.