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ECM Platform Developer Nuxeo Raises $20 Million

The New York- and Paris, France-based open source enterprise content management developer Nuxeo received a $20 million investment from Goldman Sachs. This adds to the $10 million commitment by Kennet Partners announced in June, for a total of $30 million in funds.

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New Product Release at Microsoft Ignite

Chris Johnson from Hyperfish, a new start-up company in the Office 365 space, tells us about their new product that is designed to make your directory data and people data more easily accessible to make various Office 365 tools come alive.

Sitecore Reviewed by Laura Myers

On the heels of the annual Sitecore Symposium, Laura elaborates on how Sitecore is single-handedly changing the digital marketing landscape and she gets a chance to hear from Heather MacFayden, VP at Falcon Software, to answer the bold question, why pick Sitecore?

Content Without Access is Worthless!

Search is not just search any more. It is the art and science of making content easy to find and achieving that ultimate “Findability”. Properly implemented, enterprise search creates an easily navigated interface for entering, categorising and retrieving data securely.

Sitecore Launches Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore debuted an upgrade to its flagship product — Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2, and while it's the most significant launch since 8.0, with many, many new features – essentially they are all variations of one theme, getting to market faster.

Is Salesforce Done Shopping After Disappointing Q3 Guidance?

Salesforce announced that in the period ending in October, sales will be $2.11 billion to $2.12 billion. It’s the first time the company generated $2 billion in revenue in a single quarter, but it’s still not enough to keep up with Salesforce's acquisition spree.