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Enterprise Search from a Digital Experience Perspective

Mark Floisand, CMO at Coveo, gives us his valued insight on the many ways enterprise search can be expanded and utilized, showing we are really only scratching the surface in terms of its vast capabilities across all business experience.

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Coveo Improves Search for Sitecore

Coveo just rolled out a new Sitecore native search app - Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition and a new version of its native, on-premise Sitecore integration, Coveo for Sitecore version 4.0. What does this mean in both terms of architecture and capabilities?

Should eCommerce be Driving Your Customer Experience?

Amazon & eBay do not acquire business solely because of the price, it is because they offer a competitive advantage with the best customer experience... which begs the question – should you be building your digital strategy around the CMS or the eCommerce system?

Coveo Makes $5M Investment in Montreal Operations

Coveo announced a $5 million investment for an office in Montreal, expanding beyond its current offices in Quebec City, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. The new office will open in the heart of Montreal's Innovation District in December creating over 50 new highly qualified jobs.

New Product Release at Microsoft Ignite

Chris Johnson from Hyperfish, a new start-up company in the Office 365 space, tells us about their new product that is designed to make your directory data and people data more easily accessible to make various Office 365 tools come alive.

Sitecore Reviewed by Laura Myers

On the heels of the annual Sitecore Symposium, Laura elaborates on how Sitecore is single-handedly changing the digital marketing landscape and she gets a chance to hear from Heather MacFayden, VP at Falcon Software, to answer the bold question, why pick Sitecore?