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Why Did OpenText Buy EMC's Enterprise Content Division?

After buying HP’s customer management software unit earlier this year, OpenText has agreed to acquire Dell’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum for $1.62 billion in a deal that, the companies say, will allow them to focus on their core missions.

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HP Sells CX Assets to OpenText for $170M

It's the age of the customer and HP is dumping its customer experience software. Palo Alto based HP struck a deal with Ontario-based OpenText to divest its CX assets for $170 million. What OpenText gains is less compelling than what HP loses.

Biggest Merger in Tech History

Dell CEO, Michael Dell announced at the EMC World Conference in Las Vegas that the biggest merger in tech history will be declared by Dell Technologies. However, the merger involves a substantial amount of debt, approximately $50 billion. Hear from the experts.

OpenText Takes Aim at IBM

OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea called out IBM's cognitive learning engine for its closed ecosystem of deployment and development and urged enterprises to instead invest in his company's future cognitive analytics technology.