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Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?

On April 29th, the CMS-Connected Show was recorded with a LIVE audience at Intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2016.  Tyler Pyburn and Scott Liewehr welcomed special guests Rachel Butts & Jeff Willinger to discuss the building blocks of a successful employee journey.


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CrownPeak Merges, Raises $50M & Appoints New CEO

CrownPeak, announced earlier this month that it has merged with UK-based ActiveStandards. The former COO of CrownPeak, Jim Yares, has been appointed as the new CEO of the merged company. Hear what expert analyst, Scott Liewehr has to say.


HP Sells CX Assets to OpenText for $170M

It's the age of the customer and HP is dumping its customer experience software. Palo Alto based HP struck a deal with Ontario-based OpenText to divest its CX assets for $170 million. What OpenText gains is less compelling than what HP loses.


Can Salesforce Overtake SAP?

Salesforce Executive Keith Block told an audience in Boston 2014 that his company would be "passing SAP as the largest enterprise applications company in the world." Two years later, it's clear he was wrong.

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Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?

Employee journey mapping is every bit as important as customer journey mapping and needs to be focused on before you can get the customer journey right. Follow along as our knowledgeable guests; Rachel Butts & Jeff Willinger dive into the topic.

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Panama Papers Hack… Are CMS Bugs to Blame?

The Panama Papers breach was the largest data leak in history, with 2.6 terabytes of data, 11.5 million documents, and more than 214,000 shell companies exposed. Hear the inside scoop from our expert industry analyst, Scott Liewehr.

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Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?

Watch the full 60-min CMS-Connected Show recorded LIVE at Intranet Reloaded Boston 2016. Five shocking News Stories, insightful Featured Topic and in-depth CMS Insider with hosts Tyler Pyburn & Scott Liewehr and special guests Rachel Butts & Jeff Willinger.