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The Common Web CMS Implementation Fails - Monday, November 10th @ 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

Implementing a Web CMS is not easy. We will dive into the most common mistakes that we see in the industry.

The Common Web CMS Implementation Fails

Common CMS Implementation FailuresContent Management Systems have evolved tremendously over the last 10-years, maturing into an impressive list of all-encompassing features and applications that go well beyond a basic CMS solution. As these CMS’s have grown in complexity, so too has the level difficulty for the integration firms to deploy these systems. So selecting the right solution and integration partner for your company is critical, but once your implementation is underway a few common issues can still emerge, causing havoc on any CMS project.

Join CMS-Connected live at the Kentico Connection Conference at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston November 10th @ 1:00pm Eastern where show hosts Scott & Butch and an expert panel of guests will be discussing the common implementation fails that organizations face when deploying a new Web CMS and invaluable tips on how to avoid such hazards.

Special Guests:
  • Heather MacFayden

    VP of Production & Senior WCM Analyst will be joining us in Boston to discuss CMS implementation shortfalls.

  • Brian Mckeiver

    Solution Architect and Co-Owner at BizStream

  • Michal Kinkaid

    Director of Application Development at ecentricarts, inc.

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