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Modern Enterprise Portals Built to Engage Your Customers: Tuesday, December 23rd @ 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT

You might be surprise at how visitors will respond to a well planned and delivered web portal.

Modern Enterprise Portals Built to Engage Your Customers

Enterprise Web Portals webinar

Enterprise portals have reached a level of maturity in today’s software market where it is no longer the technology that inhibits return on investment. Unfortunately, many obstacles to successful solutions still persist, chiefly because of the cross-organizational nature of portal business objectives. Portals uniquely sit in the intersection of multiple departments, serving the needs of diverse-and often competing-sponsors. This is where we insert our hosts, Scott Liewehr and Butch Stearns.


On December 23rdScott and Butch, along with our special guests will dispense some practical insight into how to best manage your portal investment and provide a basic overview on portal features and how they can be best employed to help build web-pages and manage your content.

Special Guests:
  • Marketo Logo

    Introducing Marketo into the CMS-Connected Vendor Spotlight Segment.

  • Allen Bonde
    Michael Han

    Michael Han, VP, Operations at Liferay, INC will be joining us in studio on Dec 23rd.

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi
    Sunny Lenarduzzi

    Sunny will join CMS-Connected to introduce us to Marketo and their industry leading marketing automation software!

  • Tim Walters
    Tim Walters

    Partner & Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group

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