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Should eCommerce be Driving Customer Experience?

Thursday, July 28th 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET


Price isn’t the sole reason you shop at Amazon or eBay. These sites have a competitive advantage that no other ecommerce retailer has… they offer the best customer experience, which begs the question – should you be building your digital strategy around the content management system or the ecommerce system?  Read More

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Jun 2016 Episode "Managing Content Chaos with Digital Governance"
Headline News

Salesforce Buys its Way into eCommerce

Earlier this month CMS-Connected reported on Salesforce buying its way into eCommerce with the Demandware acquisition, the largest deal in its history for $2.8 billion in cash. Hear what analyst, Scott Liewehr has to say.

Bezos’ Digital Revolution Pays Off

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who bought The Washington Post with $250 million of his personal fortune in August 2013, has led the once-proud newspaper into the digital future through developing the digital content management system, called Arc Publishing.

UBM Acquires Content Marketing Institute

There was big news in the content marketing industry this month, as UBM, a London-based global organizer of B2B events and marketing, acquired The Content Marketing Institute for $17.6 million plus performance bonuses.

German CMS Contentful to Open US Office

Berlin-based Contentful, the API-driven content management developer platform, announced it has secured $16.8 million to help open up offices in the US. Scott Liewehr, tells us what impact Contentful will have on the US marketplace.

Marketo Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

Earlier this month CMS-Connected interviewed DCG’s Cathy McKnight, to discuss what the future holds for Marketo’s business, customers, and competitors, after the marketing automation provider went private with an almost $1.8 billion acquisition by Vista. See the unheard commentary from our hosts.

Featured Topic

Managing Content Chaos with Digital Governance

Recorded on location at the oldest ballpark in MLB ... the historic Fenway Park, our hosts welcomed Digital Governance Advisor & Author, Lisa Welchman to discuss content chaos and best practice digital governance solutions.

Vendor Spotlight

SharePoint 2016 reviewed by Amy Martyn

SharePoint unveiled a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision at the Future of SharePoint event. Hear from tech insider, Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software as she explains which features have been released so far and what people are saying. Amy also interviewed the CRO of Akumina, David Maffei to get his insight into SharePoint 2016.

CMS Insider

Does Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition Make Sense?

Microsoft announced that it has acquired LinkedIn with some 433 million users, in an all-cash transaction for a jaw-dropping price of $26.2 billion. Our CMS Insider, Scott Liewehr gives us his in-depth insight on the Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn.

Full Show

Managing Content Chaos with Digital Governance

Watch the full 60-min CMS-Connected Show including 5 News Stories, Featured Topic, Vendor Spotlight and CMS Insider with hosts Tyler Pyburn & Scott Liewehr and special guest Lisa Welchman, Amy Martyn & David Maffei.

May 2016 Episode "Digital Transformation…From A Marketing Perspective"
Headline News

Adobe Acquires Livefyre

San Jose based Adobe has acquired Livefyre, a platform that helps brands and publishers collect, curate, and publish user-generated content. Hear what industry analyst, Scott Liewehr has to say on what this acquisition means for both Adobe and Livefyre?

Biggest Merger in Tech History

Dell CEO, Michael Dell announced at the EMC World Conference in Las Vegas that the biggest merger in tech history will be declared by Dell Technologies. However, the merger involves a substantial amount of debt, approximately $50 billion. Hear from the experts.

Marketo Hires Bank for Potential Sale

Marketo, just recently held their annual Marketing Nation Summit in Vegas, although what wasn’t discussed was the apparent hiring of investment bank Morgan Stanley to explore various “strategic alternatives." Get the inside scoop from our inside experts.

Coveo Improves Search for Sitecore

Coveo just rolled out a new Sitecore native search app - Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition and a new version of its native, on-premise Sitecore integration, Coveo for Sitecore version 4.0. What does this mean in both terms of architecture and capabilities?

The Future of SharePoint 2016

Microsoft held its Future of SharePoint event and announced a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for its SharePoint solution. Hear from industry analyst Scott Liewehr on his take of the SharePoint event and their latest "2010 innovations".

Featured Topic

Digital Transformation…From A Marketing Perspective

Tyler Pyburn and Scott Liewehr welcomed special guest Leah Kinthaert in CMS-Connected's 50th EPISODE! Leah leaves our viewers with contemporary ideas from a marketing perspective on digital transformation including best practices and biggest challenges.

Vendor Spotlight

Interact Reviewed by Amy Martyn

Interact is one of the world's fastest growing intranet software companies with more than a decade of experience delivering collaborative intranet solutions. Get the inside scoop from Amy Martyn and Interact's VP of US Sales, Daren Jennings.

CMS Insider

Education Institutions at Risk with Slow Shift to CEM

The analysis, based on original research conducted by DCG, indicates that delivering experiences to education customers – rather than publishing content – remains aspirational for institutions in the US and the UK. Hear directly from our CMS Insider, Scott Liewehr.

Apr 2016 Episode "Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?"
Headline News

CrownPeak Merges, Raises $50M & Appoints New CEO

CrownPeak, announced earlier this month that it has merged with UK-based ActiveStandards. The former COO of CrownPeak, Jim Yares, has been appointed as the new CEO of the merged company. Hear what expert analyst, Scott Liewehr has to say.

HP Sells CX Assets to OpenText for $170M

It's the age of the customer and HP is dumping its customer experience software. Palo Alto based HP struck a deal with Ontario-based OpenText to divest its CX assets for $170 million. What OpenText gains is less compelling than what HP loses.

Can Salesforce Overtake SAP?

Salesforce Executive Keith Block told an audience in Boston 2014 that his company would be "passing SAP as the largest enterprise applications company in the world." Two years later, it's clear he was wrong.

Featured Topic

Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?

Employee journey mapping is every bit as important as customer journey mapping and needs to be focused on before you can get the customer journey right. Follow along as our knowledgeable guests; Rachel Butts & Jeff Willinger dive into the topic.

CMS Insider

Panama Papers Hack… Are CMS Bugs to Blame?

The Panama Papers breach was the largest data leak in history, with 2.6 terabytes of data, 11.5 million documents, and more than 214,000 shell companies exposed. Hear the inside scoop from our expert industry analyst, Scott Liewehr.

Full Show

Why is No One Talking About the Employee Journey?

Watch the full 60-min CMS-Connected Show recorded LIVE at Intranet Reloaded Boston 2016. Five shocking News Stories, insightful Featured Topic and in-depth CMS Insider with hosts Tyler Pyburn & Scott Liewehr and special guests Rachel Butts & Jeff Willinger.

Mar 2016 Episode "Are Expectations too High for Customer Experience Management"
Headline News

Adobe’s Cloud Gambit Pays Off

It was a gamble when Adobe decided to go all-in for cloud delivery of its products, but it’s paying off in terms of revenue and profit growth. First quarter numbers reported revenue of $1.38 billion, up 25% year-on-year.

Customer-Centric Companies Sweat the Details

In a recent article, Brent Summers, Director of Content Marketing for Segment, stated Customer Experience is quickly becoming the business battleground. Join Stephan and Scott as they discuss the hospitality industry and their loyalty programs.

Vendor Spotlight

Mouseflow Reviewed by Amy Martyn

Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software gives us her vendor review of the analytics platform, Mouseflow. She explains the functionality of their visitor recordings and heatmaps, and what partners and customers are saying about the platform.

CMS Insider

Change in Customer Experience Perception

Scott Liewehr will explain how to measure customer experience in a formulaic way and what the role of marketing in customer expectations is. Tune in for the surprising results from Forrester on their Customer Experience Index.