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Created in 2011 by Gary Eisenstein President and Principle Analyst, CMS-Connected captures the conversation surrounding the latest technologies, innovations, mergers, acquisitions, software platforms, products and services, delivering headline IT news and insights through engaging interviews, captivating articles and first-hand experience from numerous industry events.

CMS-Connected also provides Web Content Management (WCM) advisory services with a focus on supporting and strengthening your organization's digital transformation. Our senior advisory team has well over 20-years of WCM integration experience, setting us apart from all other consulting firms by providing practical advice and consultation on the entire project integration lifecycle. Our advisors and technical support team specialize in helping you select the best-fit WCM solution and best-fit integration team to deploy that solution, and helping you manage all aspects of WCM implementation and future digital needs.

What also makes us unique is that we have IT developers, designers and project support staff in-house that specialize in WCM, CRM, eCommerce and digital marketing deployments, allowing you to fully realize a true ROI with your technology stack.   

Key Advisory Services

  • Digital Assessment & Planning
  • WCM Vendor Selection & Support
  • Integration Partner Selection & Support
  • Ad-hoc Technical Support
  • Speaking Engagements  
  • Content Creation & User Experience Design Consultation
  • WCM Technology Review and Recommendations
  • Website, Intranet, Portals & Social Channel Site Health Checks
  • More Services and Support Information
The unbiased reports and insights CMS-Connected delivers in all kinds of formats is why we consider them a truly premium WCM industry media and consultancy outlet. The team is professional with hands-on experience in WCM integrations which makes their reviews and support services immensely valuable to anyone looking for a trusted advisor.
Karol Jarkovksy, Director of Product at Kentico

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