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CMS-Connected — a subsidiary of Falcon Software Company Inc. — delves into the latest technologies, innovations, mergers, acquisitions, software platform products, and services. Organizations looking for informative industry-specific content can find insights through CMS-Connected’s in-depth interviews, educational articles, and informative platform reviews and reports.

Our goal is to educate the industry and drive demand for the content we publish. CMS-Connected's unique coverage of live events sets us apart as thought-leaders on the front lines of the content experience.


CMS-Connected focuses its coverage the following core topics:

  • Content Managment
  • B2B and B2C Commerce
  • IA, IoT, and AR Technologies
  • Intranet and Portal


Our audience comprises hundreds of thousands of buyers, decision-makers, vendors, analysts, and practitioners. Although we have a global audience, our targeted geographic area is North America.

Content Marketing Opportunities

CMS-Connected offers marketers a popular platform to reach passionate and sophisticated tech professionals. We create and publish influential content that engages audiences looking for industry-specific content.

Become a Content Contributor

CMS-Connected provides content contributors a popular and trusted platform with a highly targeted audience to help market their content. If you are interested in becoming a CMS-Connected Content Contributor, contact us with examples of articles you have published and the topics you would like to cover for CMS-Connected. After reviewing and accepting you as a new content contributor, CMS-Connected will then send out a Contributor Guidelines document for submitting content.

View a Contributor Article Example

Tech Reporter Interviews

If you have a platform you would like to market, product updates, a new acquisition, or a new service to promote, CMS-Connected’s Tech Reporter Interviews are a great way to bring awareness to your marketing strategy. We also offer video interviews and can provide a quote for our video interview services upon request. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

View an Interview Article Example

View an Interview Article with Video Example 

Sponsored Articles & Reports 

Sponsoring a CMS-Connected review or report article is a great way to grow your lead generation marketing campaigns. Sponsors of our content are provided exclusive page-link back to a designated landing page. Sponsors also receive top position exposure and a mid-fold banner advertisement with links back to a tracking URL of the sponsor's choice. All sponsored content is indexed on Google and promoted on the CMS-Connected website, our social channels. We also provide a guaranteed minimum number of user-clicks to the sponsor’s designated landing page. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

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Live Event Coverage

If you’re looking to generate a buzz at your next trade show, conference, or convention, CMS-Connected can provide a wide variety of video interview styles. Event coverage includes industry-experienced tech reporters and all the audio, video, and lighting equipment needed to capture the vibe of an event. We also showcase those videos on the CMS-Connected website and our social channels. Contact us for pricing and additional information

Sit-down Formal Interview Style Example

Roaming the Floor Informal Interview Style Example

CMS-Connected is trusted by leading brands, including those found below for content marketing services and live event coverage:

Advisory and Consulting Services

CMS-Connected provides advisory services with a focus on supporting and strengthening your organization’s IT journey. Our senior advisory team has over 30 years of IT integration experience, setting us apart from all other consulting firms by providing practical advice and consultation on the entire project integration lifecycle.

We have IT developers, designers, and project support staff in-house specializing in CMS, CRM, DAM, eCommerce, Enterprise Search, Digital Marketing, and Business Intelligence deployments, allowing you to fully realize a true ROI with your technology stack. CMS-Connected’s advisors and technical support team specialize in helping you select the best-fit IT solutions, helping you manage all aspects of a platform implementation and future digital needs.

Contact us to book an appointment to explore how CMS-Connected’s advisory services can help your digital journey.

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Please fill out our contact form to request a CMS-Connected media kit.

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