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A Fair Review of the Top Web CMS Platforms - Agility

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Agility CMS


Agility Inc. Founded: 2002
Head Office: Toronto, ON URL: https://agilitycms.com/
CEO & Tenure: Jon Voigt, since 2002 Platform Type: ASP .NET
License Model: Agility CMS is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, and hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
Starting Price: $1,500.00/month (requires quotation process) Current Version: Gold (multi-tenant environment)
Online Demo: Yes Trial Version: Yes
Customer Training: Yes Certification Training: Yes
Integration Partners: USA - 26, Canada - 19 Professional Services: No
License Renewals: Agility is a monthly subscription model, maintenance and upgrade fees are included in the subscription fee. Agility upgrades their software on a monthly bases. 
Support: Consulting, Documentation, Help Desk, Webinars, Whitepapers and Business Hours Live Person Support.


Agility is a fully-integrated digital experience platform offering Content Management, eCommerce, Online Ticketing and Real-Time Personalization. The Agility Customer Experience Cloud is a hybrid CMS that empowers you to create, customize and manage your website, ecommerce, and ticketing solution from a central hub, and deliver personalized content across multiple channels.

Agility’s Content Management Platform offers unlimited creative flexibility in design and content architecture. It also integrates with any third-party vendors, including ecommerce, social networks, file storage and ad servers. Agility’s e-commerce platform securely integrates with your payment, shipping and CRM providers of choice so that you can manage all your commerce properties from one place and ensure a seamless sales and delivery process.

Agility’s ticketing system allows you to create a single piece of content and funnel it through both your website and ticketing channels. Agility ticketing is also fully integrated with Agility POS, allowing you to benefit from top-of-the-line POS hardware and software to aid your physical sales. Agility personalization solutions will help you automatically personalize each customer interaction across your website and other channels, such as E-Commerce, Ticketing and POS. This way, you can take instant action via personalization, product/content recommendations, automatic optimization, and real-time messaging.

Executive Interview

Top 10 Features

  • Security & Authentication
  • Flexibility and Extensibility
  • Open Source Functionality
  • Easy Continuous Delivery
  • Multilingual Globalization
  • Multiple Technologies & Frameworks
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Personalization and Digital Experience
  • Extranet and Intranet Capable
  • Multisite Management
Complete List of Features

Key Modules & Connectors

  • E-Commerce
  • Form Builder
  • POS System
  • Ticketing System
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Advertisement Management


  • Agility is a true cloud platform for both front and back-end development within a SaaS model. This is much different than any other product on this list. The platform was built from the ground up in a cloud environment and can be supported globally. With global write permissions being very intuitive, large organizations can separate different instances of the product without sacrificing on having to host independently in native on-premise environments.
  • Agility also boasts a multi-tenant environment which is the true strength of a cloud based product. As the product brings on new features, updated security and performance, and 3rd party integrations into other software, it is immediately made available to everyone that is on the Agility system.


  • The out-of-box features are light within Agility compared to other CMS competitors within the market. Agility has taken a different approach and is making it extremely easy for other software platforms within the Martech landscape to seamlessly integrate into the architecture.
  • Agility has a very small partner channel, as they are now just entering the partner integration arena. They have been a services company since the inception, so their partner channel needs to grow, and large and enterprise system integrators will need to come on board to help move the product to the next stage.


  • Agility is one of the most agile tools on the market. For any business that has a large dispersed workforce that needs resources to be shared nationally or globally. Now they can utilize the platform as whole anywhere due to the true cloud nature of the product.
  • When a customer wants to manage multiple websites without needing to have different hosting and architecture environments, but still need the flexibility to turn on and off features independently, Agility can do this without the cost and having to add new resources and complexity.
  • Taking advantage of updates on features, security, and performance, immediately as Agility releases them live, without having to wait for the system integrators to update the existing framework, which costs time and money.
  • Agility is great for any business that wants to ensure that website traffic never slows or crashes customers’ ability to access a website, to complete transactions or requests.

GDPR Initiatives

The Agility Platform is hosted 100% in the cloud with Microsoft's Azure SQL Databases.  Their multi-tenanted system provides SQL Data Silos for each customers' web properties in the Canada Central and the US North Central region.  Many of the new guidelines and requirements for GDPR and how they relate to data stored or processed in Azure are outlined here in the Azure Trust Center.

Agility’s Data Security and Compliance Committee set out the policies on data protection and processing.  These are some of the key points from their policy:

  • All personal data is encrypted at rest and in transmission.
  • Any personal data can be retrieved or removed via a request through our support system.
  • Agility will never utilize a customers' data or their customers' data without expressed written permission.
  • Agility will never capture or repurpose customer data without their consent.
  • All analytics and diagnostics data stored by Agility is anonymized unless for purposes of audit logs which are required as per other data compliance rules.

All of the data Agility captures and stores for customers resides in account specific databases in Microsoft Azure.  All captured data is normally stored in the User Content or Website Users section of Agility. This can be administrated by their customers or partners who have access to that specific Agility account using the Content Manager. If a user requires any data administration beyond what is available within the Content Manager backend, that can be accommodated by a request through Agility’s normal support.


Agility is committed to continual improvements such as updating and refining many of their existing features this year to make them even better.  Their new Form Builder will be one of the first updates that is set to be released in Q1 2018, with many more to come. 

Agility does not try to compete on features, and try to solve every problem for every vertical market.  They choose to integrate with existing tools instead of re-inventing the wheel. Agility’s goal this year will also be to build out a community of activities to engage with their customers and partners in a way that will foster relationships and help grow businesses.  

Additional Video Interviews

Customer Comments

The Agility team has been a pleasure to work with - they're fast, responsive and their support team is top-notch. The platform enables our online team to efficiently manage our website and publish content with ease.
— Craig Cameron, Hockey Canada

With each rebuild, Agility’s CMS allowed Cineplex to increase the scalability of the site and to optimize their hosting resources. The latest iteration utilizes a new hosting environment across load balanced servers for optimal site speed and performance. The site is now handling more traffic with less CPU load than in previous years.  The platform provides a consistent user-experience for our distributed content team to easily make frequent updates to Movie/Theatre details, content and metadata, News Sections, Blogs, Contests and more.
— Jeffrey Kent, Cineplex Entertainment

Agility’s eCommerce solution has enabled our team to easily manage our products online. Being able to manage everything centrally from Agility without needing to integrate with a 3rd party Ecommerce platform has ensured efficiency and consistency in our design. We no longer have to worry about our site crashing during high-traffic periods as Agility is able to provide auto-scaling capabilities and additional cloud resources.
— Anthony Mila, BioSteel

Integration Partner Comments

What is most intriguing to customers using Agility, is that as new features are available in the platform, they don’t have to wait to use them, as the Agility platform is a True Cloud product, and headless. This allows customers to quickly add features that become available without having to wait for the integration partner to update the entire CMS, as this is managed by Agility. So it allows customers to leverage Falcon-Software to do what we were meant to do, which is to help customers move their digital strategy forward, and help create a truly great customer journey.

So for organizations that have a need to standardize and improve their digital channels and content, Agility can help make this happen as the product can extend not only the front end, but back-end processes entirely in the cloud. This will make it easier for medium, large, and enterprise customers to be able to create governance around complex architecture regardless of location globally, or nationally, and allow resources to be shared across any landscape so that projects can be spun up quicker, and with greater quality. It will also allow customers IT business units and partners, to not have to worry about constant upgrades, and instead, help drive results, and extend what Agility can do for the business as they move through different phases of the digital landscape.
— Stephen Medve, Falcon-Software Company, Inc.

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