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e-Spirit CMS Integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud’s Decoupled PWA “Spartacus” Storefront

Michael Gerard

By Michael Gerard

April 23, 2020

e-Spirit, maker of an industry-leading FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) powered by a hybrid headless CMS, today announced it is the first content management system (CMS) to integrate with SAP Commerce Cloud’s decoupled PWA “Spartacus” storefront. The integration will make it easy for customers that use SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver immersive, content-driven shopping experiences across consumer touchpoints – code free and at speed – to increase engagement and revenue.
“This new integration makes it easy for customers using the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to get to market with lightning speed,” said Udo Sträßer, chief revenue officer, e-Spirit. “e-Spirit's hybrid and headless CMS capability has the agility needed to rapidly integrate with existing and future channels. We're changing the game for commerce companies that need to increase customer loyalty and revenue post-haste. Lengthy implementations are now a thing of the past."  

Today’s e-commerce vendors face relentless competition underscoring the importance of time to market and creating unique, personalized online shopping experiences for their customers. The “Spartacus” storefront, when combined with personalized content-driven experiences powered by e-Spirit's hybrid headless content management system, empowers commerce companies to easily create and deliver content-rich, personalized digital experiences – at speed – across all channels such as websites, mobile devices, social media, digital signage, progressive web applications, and conversational platforms. It's a software power couple that helps to leapfrog product catalogue websites, propelling e-commerce companies to the top of the food chain with close to unprecedented speed.   

FirstSpirit extends functionality of the “Spartacus” storefront by providing content-rich, personalized buying experiences in any language to support global content strategies and grow e-commerce revenue. Combined benefits include: 

  • Use one simple and intuitive interface to create and manage all digital content

  • Leverage common WYSIWYG capabilities to manage commerce content and experiences with ease – no coding required

  • Create immersive experiences at every touchpoint regardless of channel or device being used for truly personalized engagement

  • Use Touchpoint Editing to review and edit content easily and intuitively in the context of any channel—without the need for a complex CMS integration by IT—for complete control of the delivery of personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint

  • Eliminate the complexities associated with multi-brand and multi-channel content distribution

  • Use “Spartacus” for the presentation interface and FirstSpirit to manage experience-focused content for greater flexibility

The SaaS-based FirstSpirit hybrid headless CMS is the next generation of a headless CMS and includes headless and decoupled capabilities. It offers significant opportunities for companies to deliver more inspiring, content-driven experiences to their B2B and B2C customers. No longer must developers, marketers, and other digital experience professionals be beholden to the monolithic, traditional CMS or pure-play headless CMSs, which lack scalability and ease of use for business teams. The result is the ability to create and deliver the ideal connected digital experience for each individual customer in the right context and at the right time and place to drive engagement and revenue.

Michael Gerard

Michael Gerard

Based in Boston, Michael has over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the technology industry, with 10 of those years having been at IDC managing their CMO and Sales Advisory Practices. Michael is responsible for leading the global marketing strategy for e-Spirit.

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