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Announcing Upfluence’s $3.6M Series A Funding

We are pleased to announce that Upfluence has successfully raised $3.6M in capital to continue its global expansion. With this funding, Upfluence will continue to pioneer influencer marketing technology by hiring new talent and investing further in its proprietary software. Read the official press release here.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank our investors.

The round was led by the tech entrepreneurs’ fund, ISAI, with additional participation from the investment group, French Partners.

ISAI gathers more than 250 entrepreneurs and aims at financing and supporting high potential digital companies. The fund has backed many successful startups such as BlaBlaCar, its very first investment.

We’d like to welcome Thierry Vandewalle, venture partner at ISAI and former MD at Publicis, to Upfluence’s board of directors. We’re equally grateful to have Paul Strachman (former VP Equinox), join the board as an observer. 

“From pure branding to driving sales, Upfluence’s all-in-one SaaS allows its clients to reach their marketing goals with ease… Upfluence has already turned Influencer Marketing into a highly profitable channel for its clients.”

– Thierry Vandewalle, Venture Partner at ISAI.

Upfluence extends a special thanks to the angel investors from French Partners who have supported this venture: notably, Emilie Loyer-Buttiaux (CEO, French Partners), Nicolas Macquin (Managing Director at Vitruvian Partners), Yves Weisselberger (KDS founder), Steve Savioz (CEO, Akiden Ventures) and Cédric Sellin (Board member and former chairman of Third Bridge Group.)

“We’re very excited to be working with ISAI and Thierry Vandewalle moving forward, their impressive portfolio (BlaBlaCar, Evaneos, Tinyclues) and strategic experience make them the ideal partners for Upfluence as we continue to scale our business globally.”

– Vivien Garnès. CEO, Upfluence.

The added expertise of these entrepreneurs along with this capital will undoubtedly lead Upfluence to new stages of accelerated growth. Thank you for investing in our vision.

Congrats, Upfluence Team!

We’ve grown in the past year from 18 to 60 phenomenal employees, greatly expanding our sales and software divisions in both France and the US.

The North American division at Upfluence headquarters in NYC.

What was once just a couple of guys soliciting blog posts to sell neckties has turned into an international powerhouse of specialists. Between software engineers, influencer analysts, sales reps, customer service gurus, and marketing managers, Upfluence has become a force to be reckoned with. Thank you to the Upfluence team of past and present: Your contributions have been instrumental in making Upfluence the company it is today.

And of course, our loyal clients.

We’re proud to have worked with a diversity of clients: some of the biggest names in advertising, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike. Over the past two years, our software has served more than 300 subscribers! 

There’s no question Upfluence has been hard at work to provide the most advanced tech on the market to its clients.

In the past year we’ve released dozens of new features like fake follower detection added in January, internal mail life cycles in March, the search results page revamp in May, the addition of Twitch influencers in June, and our free analytics chrome plugin this July.

The best is yet to come, though.

In just two short years, Upfluence has taken the lead in the industry by developing the world’s first “all-in-one” SaaS for influencer marketing.

This funding is a sign that our transition to SaaS was a move in the right direction: influencer marketing is becoming increasingly synonymous with tech. 

Our next steps are towards smarter technology: Upfluence will be focusing on integrating machine learning and deep data-analysis into the platform without losing sight of user experience. We believe this technology has the potential to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the IM industry as a whole.

Our goal is to offer the widest range of features and the highest caliber of analytics available in the industry. Thanks to this funding, Upfluence can do just that.

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