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3 Keys to A Successful Content Syndication Program

For those of you not familiar, Content Syndication is a channel in which you negotiate a CPL with vendors that then help broadcast your content across email, display and web to their own databases.  Those vendors agree to a minimum number of “leads” they will deliver in a given time.  You can add filters (only send me folks of company X, size Y and job title Z, etc) and that impacts your CPL.  Anyway, it’s a good channel to test and it delivers a guaranteed set of leads.  Win win, right?

Well, not necessarily. I learned that unless you have a tailored scoring, nurture and sales follow-up strategy in place you will not maximise the business impact of Content Syndication.  My experience with testing Content Syndication programs is that though leads are quality in terms of data, the buyer intent of prospects coming through Content Syndication is typically very early in the buyer’s journey.  So, if you run Content Syndication leads through existing nurtures you may not see immediate conversion success because the conversation with these prospects needs to be different.  And if you measure channel ROI against, say, branded keyword paid search you’ll find that Content Syndication looks like a bad investment.

However, in reality it’s a channel that is good for expanding your database and amplifying your message into networks you may not be able to reach through your current digital channels.

So, these are the 3 keys to launching a successful Content Syndication program:

  1. When launching the program take the time to build a tailored nurture strategy that moves prospects from awareness and research to decision and conversion.

  2. Refine your scoring so that you are not passing leads that are not ready over to Sales too quickly. The last thing you want is a Sales team that immediately attaches a negative experience to that channel.

  3. Be thoughtful about when and how you measure ROI as Content Syndication can generate very top of the funnel output that just needs time and love to convert into high quality opportunities.

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