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Internet of Things with a Purpose

When organizations are looking to move into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and integrate platforms and applications with IoT devices, they’re often faced with challenges. Devices aren’t always the same and can even change between versions, and they don’t always function (or speak to the platform) in the same way.

As Karl Mozurkewich, Program Director at OpenText™ shares in this video from OpenText Enterprise World 2018, organizations need to normalize data to efficiently integrate the different devices to your applications. Normalizing your data is key to creating context and generating business value out of those connections.

At OpenText™ Covisint, we can help. Whether you’re working with connected vehicles, a factory-floor robot, or even an entire city, OpenText Covisint enables you to rapidly deploy purpose-built IoT solutions to create digital twins. It’s Internet of Things with a purpose.

Learn more from Karl in the video interview below.

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