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4 Reasons Why Consistent Content Should Be Your Goal

Consistency has to be one of the greatest unsung heroes of a successful content strategy. Even though it matters so much, we still take it for granted. Maybe it’s because maintaining consistency is a lot easier said than done. Just a decade or two ago, communication between brands and customers was usually one-sided. And it was limited to just a handful of channels, dictated by the brand in question. That meant creating consistent content was pretty easy.

Today, it’s a different story. The rise of social media and other digital channels, along with increasing globalization, has made things a lot harder. Producing vast amounts of content quickly, accurately, and consistently, across so many different channels, is nothing short of amazing.

Challenging though it may be, companies that produce consistent content reap the rewards. In fact, companies with consistent branding and communication are worth up to 20 percent more than those that lack it. Meanwhile, 82 percent of content marketing’s top performers say their organization always or frequently delivers content consistently.

With that in mind, let’s look at four reasons why creating consistent content should always be one of your top priorities.

Reason #1: It builds brand awareness.

To stand out from your competitors, your organization needs to build a unique brand that’s instantly recognizable. And we’re not just talking in terms of the logo and corporate colors. Your brand’s voice also needs to be consistent, whether you’re tweeting, blogging, creating videos, or producing eBooks.

Today’s consumers expect a lot from brands. They want them to be responsive, helpful, and trustworthy. A good, consistent brand voice resonates with customers, speaks to them, and understands them. And it speaks in a language they can relate to.

The key isn’t just to be prolific with your content, but also to ensure that it’s consistent, visible, and relatable.

Reason #2: It establishes authority and credibility.

When an organization produces top-notch, consistent, and useful content, it establishes itself as a go-to authority in the industry. Consumers are drawn to trusted brands that know what they’re talking about. They look for brands that present themselves as wanting to help their customers, rather than just wanting to sell.

When you deliver high-quality content that addresses consumers’ needs and wants, and offers solutions to their problems, your brand achieves credibility, legitimacy, and loyalty.

Reason #3: It engages audiences.

Keeping existing customers is cheaper and easier than acquiring new ones. Regular, useful content can help maintain the relationship with your audience, and reinforce your company as the go-to brand to help them solve their problems.

But it’s not worth producing content, no matter how good, if you’re not doing so regularly and reliably. If customers can’t count on you to continue to offer them the help they expect, they’re likely to drop off. If you haven’t updated your blog in years, potential clients might think you’ve lost interest in them, or worse, you’re no longer in business.

Likewise, ensuring that all of your content is written in a consistent style and brand voice is essential. It’s completely necessary for drawing your audience in and making them feel comfortable with your business.

Reason #4: Customers love consistency. 

Content is one of the most successful ways for your brand to connect with its customers — but only if it’s done right. That means creating content strategically, intelligently, and consistently. Repeated and uniform customer experiences help to establish a customer’s confidence in a company. And with so many companies investing more time and money in creating content, consistency is often a big factor in distinguishing the best brands from their competitors. If your content and communications aren’t consistent, you’re putting yourself and your brand at a serious disadvantage.

Fortunately, a platform like Acrolinx can help by optimizing your content for consistency in all the key parts of your strategy: tone of voice, terminology, style, and readability. That way, you can turn your attention to higher-value work and still be confident that you’re hitting all the right marks. It’s a great way to get consistent, targeted content, without all the hassle.

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