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Sitecore Press Release

We’re thrilled to announce groundbreaking Sitecore Experience EdgeMeeting the future head-on with headless content delivery at-scale, this new service on our SaaS platform offers huge advantages for marketers and developers alike

Technology is an enabler. And in our disruptive time of change, having technology options increases your resiliency. We’re excited to announce Sitecore Experience Edge, a new set of services on our SaaS platform that allows you to deliver content headlessly at-scale to any customer touchpoint.  With these new offerings, brands will have another option for quickly creating and deploying differentiated digital experiences while engaging their customers longer and growing revenue opportunities.

This new SaaS offering is a win-win for both marketers and developers by providing the flexibility to quickly create superior digital experiences without adding architectural complexity.  Sitecore Experience Edge will empower development teams and improve content delivery economics by providing options for JAMstack architecture across Sitecore XM and Content Hub, for pre-rendering of experiences, and for exceedingly flexible solutions using modern frameworks. While marketers will have all the tools they need for content planning, authoring, collaboration, and analytics.

The Cloud is the Future — We’re Prepared to Help You Get There

We want to be clear about one thing: the cloud is the future

If there’s one lesson we have learned from 2020, it’s that the future can come much faster than you think. As a company, we’re preparing for this future with innovations in SaaS, and we’re thrilled to share with you our latest innovation.

A global content delivery service, in the cloud, at scale, Sitecore Experience Edge will initially include two options:

  • Sitecore Edge Delivery for Content Hub: Centralized planning and creation tools enable brands to perfect their content strategy, and an extremely scalable delivery platform enables them to publish atomic content through high-performing graphQL APIs to any channel, on demand.
  • Sitecore Edge Delivery for XM: A highly scalable delivery platform that empowers our customers to publish static Sitecore JSS sites while also delivering content to headless sites in real time.

In short, customers can publish any item from Sitecore Content Hub™ or Sitecore Experience Manager® through Sitecore Experience Edge, and it will be viewable and actionable on any channel in real time — from websites to storefronts to smart phones and watches. And thanks to our Global GraphQL API, you no longer need to sync or copy content.

We have led the way with headless and hybrid headless options for years. Sitecore Experience Edge is another innovative service that provides yet another streamlined and intuitive publishing option for everyone, from smaller brands to nimble enterprise teams.

Moreover, we will continue to build on Sitecore Experience Edge, with plans to add personalization capabilities in future releases as we continue to augment our SaaS portfolio.

No One Gets Left Behind

We want to be crystal clear about something else: no one will be left behind. While the cloud is the future, we have intentionally built the following deployment and management options for our platforms:

A. You manage it
B. We co-manage it together
C. We manage it for you

Whether you’ve deployed our solutions, Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) or Sitecore Experience Commerce® (XC) on premises or on managed cloud, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to invest in and develop our platforms and support your deployments for years to come.

And Sitecore Experience Edge will help you improve the return on your investment from existing content management systems by augmenting these solutions versus replacing them, in most cases.

Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub will be available in early 2021. You can learn more about it in our press release here. We've also put together an FAQ page that answers many of the questions you might have about Sitecore Experience Edge and the strategy around our SaaS platform overall.

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