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Payload, a New Headless CMS, Launches to the Public

Payload is a brand new CMS that makes complex and globally distributed software dramatically easier and more cost-effective to build.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, and it's used by almost every website online. Now, JavaScript developers have Payload — a new, modern, and powerful tool to help them kickstart their projects.

Payload CMS is a headless Content Management System and Application Framework built with NodeJS, React, and MongoDB.

Payload is a "headless" CMS. The headless CMS concept has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. They allow you to edit and publish content in one place but use your content from any number of devices—including websites, mobile apps, smart TVs, wearables, etc. They don't place restrictions on how developers build their apps and focus solely on managing and delivering content. 

Payload was built to deliver the JavaScript community a silver-bullet content management solution. Although it's not the first JavaScript CMS, many JS developers still use WordPress in a headless role for their CMS — which is built with PHP and initially only meant to be a blogging platform. Over time, WordPress has been retrofitted into doing more than it was ever meant to do.

Regarding Payload's launch, James Mikrut, one of its founders, said, "The fact that modern JavaScript developers are still using WordPress says that there's still just no better alternative for them to turn to. Payload aims to finally change that.

Payload delivers an impressive set of features:

- GraphQL, REST, and NodeJS APIs

- Easily customizable ReactJS Admin

- Fully self-hosted

- Extensible user Authentication & Access Control

- Field-based content Localization

- Powerful field types, including a layout builder

Payload is free for local and development purposes, and production licenses are priced competitively at $22 per month if paid annually.  

Payload CMS was founded in 2018. Since then, an array of projects using Payload were piloted and released — including an online video game, a full ecommerce experience complete with product customization, a SaaS subscription product, a virtual events platform, and more. Now, Payload is available to the public. Payload was founded by James Mikrut, Dan Ribbens, and Elliot DeNolf, who are longtime friends and seasoned web developers living in Grand Rapids, MI. It is supported by digital design agency TRBL.

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