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Future of Knowledge Management: Agile, Governed and AI-ready

Knowledge is power, and it provides organizations with a competitive edge and reason to be successful. Technology plays a critical role today in transforming the way organizations work and how they maximize the application of their knowledge. Hence, it is worth taking a deeper dive into how a successful digital transformation for maximizing productivity and improving customer experience actually takes place in an organization.

For a digital-first organization, knowledge centralization has to be the starting point. It then involves adopting or refining a set of digital-ready practices, which will shape employee actions and organizational performance. A future-ready organization needs to be agile, have information governance in place and be AI-ready.

Challenges due to lack of knowledge centralization

A recent whitepaper by IDC involves a thorough look into the evolution of knowledge management and how the future looks for knowledge centralization. The common challenges that arise due to lack of unified information architecture in an organization are inaccuracy, findability, broken-collaboration, security vulnerabilities and failure to successfully adopt AI practices. IDC estimates that an enterprise of 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $5.7 million annually searching for but not finding information. We’ve prepared an infographic based on IDC’s findings, highlighting why structured content platforms are the foundation of AI and the key to enterprise-wide understanding, knowledge sharing and collaboration.


New approach to managing business content

A unified approach to content management using modular chunks of information which are tagged provides reusability and machine readiness to help boost monetization, productivity, security and business insights. Structured content platforms are the foundation of future content management and the key to enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration in addition to enabling better findability and insights.

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