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Times are changing

Ucommerce is happy to announce that they now have a signed contract in place and Ucommerce will have a new CEO starting August 5.

Ucommerce is expanding in terms of customers, partners, revenue and employees, and we are now looking forward for the next big change: the onboarding of our new CEO!

Søren's role 

Sometimes the right next step is to move one step back - and that is exactly what our founder and current CEO, Søren Spelling Lund, is doing next month.

Being responsible for all decisions in a small start-up is very different from being the CEO of a company with thousands of customers, hundreds of partners and an international team of employees. 

As a result of Ucommerce’s success and continuous growth, both in terms of the number of solutions and the employees, Søren ended up in a CEO role that was moving further and further away from what it used to be when it all started and where his initial motivation and passion lied. 

This format was working for some time, but now it’s time to look at where we are as a company -  and the best decision for both the company as well as for Søren personally is to let a different profile be in charge of setting the direction. 

”Changing my role in the company is an opportunity for me to get back to the roots and do what I enjoy the most – work on making Ucommerce the best product on the market. I believe that with the passion our product team has and the leadership skills of the new CEO, we will be able to move Ucommerce to the next level.”

- Søren Spelling Lund


And so, the right next step for Ucommerce is to hire a CEO with the right commercial, administrative and leadership skills. And let Søren do what he does best, which is focusing on the product and the development team.

This also means that when moving forward, Ucommerce will be even better equipped in both the technical and the commercial parts of the business. 

We are focused on getting the right people in the right positions in our company, and at the same time making sure that we all do things that motivate us, as we believe this will impact the way we communicate, develop, collaborate etc.  


The man in charge


Søren is handing over the steering wheel to Hannu Vangsgaard.

Hannu is already familiar with several of our partners, our platform, and he knows the e-commerce industry as a whole very well:

“I have been following the company from the sidelines for a number of years and have always had respect for the great professionalism and the insistence on substance and quality. My job is to skyrocket the growth of the company and, in collaboration with talented colleagues and partners around the world, give Ucommerce the deployment it deserves.”

- Hannu Vangsgaard


Hannu comes with a strong background in digital transformation, e-commerce and digital business development. He is a former Head of Digital at Denmark's largest retail company, Salling Group. Hannu was responsible for digital strategy, covering various fields from digital business development to marketing. Before that, as an e-commerce manager in Bilka, he managed to grow a two-person department into a prospering business with a team of 70 members and a triple digit yearly growth. All these experiences are highly relevant for the journey that Ucommerce is facing.

At Ucommerce, Hannu will put his focus on our core business and platform, while at the same time he wants to drive change and make Ucommerce even better in terms of understanding our customers, partners and the requests for our product.


“I see a huge potential in Ucommerce because the platform has a high degree of maturity and can handle a lot of complexity.”

- Hannu Vangsgaard


Hannu will be entering the role of the CEO as of August 5. We are all very excited to welcome Hannu as a part of our Ucommerce family and are looking forward to the journey going forward. 

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