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The Benefits of Real-time Compliance with GDPR, CCPA Consent Requirements

The GDPR, CCPA …what’s next? According to the IAPP, 17 additional US states have introduced comprehensive privacy legislation. The clear trend is that data privacy is only going to become a larger issue and will continue to grow in importance. For enterprise organizations, that also means scrutiny and financial risk are on the rise, too – while still needing to hit their marketing goals.

Just like the GDPR and CCPA, all 17 of the proposed state privacy bills include a notice/transparency requirement, summarized as “An obligation placed on a business to provide notice to consumers about certain data practices, privacy operations, and/or privacy programs.” This is what we commonly think of as the “cookie banner” or “cookie consent.”

An example of what we commonly think of as the “cookie banner” or “cookie consent is seen below:

The compliance gap

For large organizations, trying to keep track of all the cookies and other tracking technologies used across their sites is cumbersome and in some cases, nearly impossible. That’s why most consent solutions use a type of crawler to scan sites, discover the list of first- and/or third-party technologies, and update the site notices. This allows you to automatically provide visitors with transparency and stay in compliance. Sounds like a real time-saver, right?

The reality is that most marketers are constantly switching out the first- and/or third-party technologies they use to stay competitive. Other consent solutions rely on weekly or monthly scans to populate notices, which creates a compliance gap between when the technologies change and when the notice is updated. How many changes have you made to the technologies on your sites in the last month? What about changes the third-party technologies have made? The longer the span of time between scans, the longer your organization is open to risk.  

Real-time scanning benefits

Our latest enhancement to our Universal Consent Platform, real-time scanning, was created to eliminate that compliance gap, give you peace of mind, and make life a little easier.

Real-time scanning can help you stay in constant compliance. This new feature leverages real user traffic to scan all your sites and pages. It then will automatically update notices on the same day a change is detected in first- and/or third-party technologies on your site. No manual updates, no extra work, no compliance gap. Crownpeak’s Universal Consent Platform is now the only consent solution on the market to provide real-time scanning.  

Our unique scanning solution helps you out in a few other ways, too. When a traditional crawler is used, it can’t automatically populate the technologies seen on secure pages or pages with logins without manual and time-consuming workarounds. Our real-time scanning technology can see those pages, too, helping your organization remain compliant across all your pages without any extra work for your team.  

A final benefit of our real-time scanning technology is that the data is collected from the perspective of actual site visitors, not sterile data collected by a crawler. This is important because Adtech relies on user profiles, so different users are shown different ads, served by different technologies. It’s possible for the entire tag landscape to change from user to user – a nuance that is missed by crawlers. Our real-time scanning feature doesn’t have that limitation. It can discover technologies across all users, making your notices as complete and accurate as possible, automatically.

Move aside crawlers. Real-time scanning within our Universal Consent Platform is the easiest, most effective way to ensure your company is in constant compliance with the consent requirement of the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws.

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