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Hedgehog is now in the Sitecore family

It’s a done deal: Hedgehog Development is now officially part of Sitecore.

For over a decade, Hedgehog has been a consultancy helping Sitecore customers get the most out of the platform. As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, we’ve been a part of Sitecore’s incredible growth and success, spreading its benefits to companies across the globe. But today begins a new chapter for Hedgehog, Sitecore, and the broader Sitecore community, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about what lies ahead.

This combination of forces comes at an opportune time. With the new fiscal year starting on July 1, we all get to start with a clean slate as we integrate our teams.

Scaling and elevating Sitecore Professional Services

As we come into the fold, Hedgehog will be integrating with the Sitecore Professional Services teams. I’ve seen first-hand the expertise, talent, and innovation these teams already bring to the table, and together I feel we will be able to elevate our customer success capabilities to a whole new level.

By expanding the Sitecore ecosystem, we will add immediate value for customers and partners — an aspect that I think is essential to our future growth both in performance and market share.

Having led a consultancy for over two decades, I know the critical role that customer feedback plays. Hedgehog has been in the field with customers, but now we will be in the field as a Sitecore company. I’m confident we will soon speed up the customer and partner feedback loop significantly, while also gathering deeper insights. This will allow us to build better products and solutions as well as provide customers with more value in less time and with less effort.

From partner, to a partner advocate

Another aspect that I’m particularly looking forward to is working with Sitecore’s partner community. We’re going to need our partners just as much today and tomorrow as we did before the acquisition because of their deep relationships, expertise in geographic regions and industry knowledge.

While I’m proud of the suite of products we bring to the table – Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) Classic, Avtor, Feydra, and Razl – I am really excited that we can help our partners and customers on a larger scale get even more value from them. I really look forward to seeing the efficiency and standardization value that comes from adopting the capabilities these tools bring.

We have always appreciated Sitecore’s collaborative approach to its partner ecosystem. As we fill out our new role in the Sitecore community, we are particularly mindful of a key quality that has always driven Hedgehog’s practice: fanatical customer success. We are excited to strengthen Sitecore’s partner enablement programs through training on best practices, improved documentation, design, and more.

New areas of growth

I could go on and on about everything I’m excited about, but one thing that stands out is our opportunity to work with customers in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, an entirely new area for us Hedgehog folks.

For 2019, spending in the Global Information Technology Industry is projected to be $5 trillion. And the Asia-Pacific region is projected to spend 1 of every 3 dollars. Of course, martech only represents a fraction of this (one estimate is ~$100 billion), but this is still a huge market and one that I’m looking forward to focusing on in this upcoming year.

At Hedgehog, our values have always been important to us:

  • Respect: Treat people the way they want to be treated

  • Altruism: We put clients first

  • Partnership: We are in this together

Now that we’re part of Sitecore, I see this as a great chance to scale these values to Sitecore’s customers and partner community. I look forward to what lies ahead, and I hope you do too. If you have more questions about the specifics, please check here.

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