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The Best Digital Marketing Stats of 2019 — Part 2

Nom, nom, nom! Who’s ready for another helping of stats?stats-part2-560-1.jpg
In our last post, we highlighted the rapid pace of change with digital marketing, and the demands placed on marketers and business owners to keep up with the latest industry trends. We reviewed the best digital marketing stats we have seen thus far in 2019 for mobile, search engine marketing, and email marketing. For the second installment of our two-part series, we look at the best marketing stats for social media, content marketing, and content optimization.

Did you know that 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than over the previous fifty? This stat alone sums up the pace of change right now.

Social Media Stats

In my opinion, social media and their various platforms have had a significant impact on our lives—how we court and date people, interact with loved ones, and how we share a glimpse into our life with family and friends. From a business perspective, we use social media to find new places, source recommendations, even build brands and communities. Social media is virtually everywhere; unavoidable and maybe even addicting to some. Since 2004, social media has been growing exponentially, and it hasn’t yet reached its peak of popularity. There is no denying that social media is now the primary source of news and information sharing and provides platforms that are unique in the way they interact with customers. Needless to say, it is a powerful medium, and it is here to stay. Still wondering if you should invest in social media marketing? Let’s delve into some stats!

Demographics and Behavior

Business and eCommerce

Brand and Marketing

  • 77% of Twitter users appreciate a brand more when their tweet receives a response.

  • It takes about ten hours, on average, for businesses to respond to a tweet, even though customers want a response within four hours.

  • About two-thirds of companies with 100 or more employees use Twitter as part of their marketing. 86% of people going on Twitter are primarily searching for news.

  • 55% of the 178 million people on SnapChat follow some type of brand or company.

  • 96% of people talking about companies and brands on social media aren’t actively following those brands online.

  • Infographics are ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ on social media three-times more than other any other type of content

  • Social media has become the most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of B2C businesses. The next most used content marketing tactics are illustrations and photos (87%), eNewsletters (83%), videos (82%), and website articles (81%).

  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy. Other popular platforms include Twitter (87%), Facebook (84%), YouTube (74%), and Google+ (62%).

Content Marketing Stats

Content. It is one of the most vital tactics in marketing today. The strategy? Market it. Content marketing is the way for your business to create and share audience-targeted written, downloadable, and visual media so consumers can learn about you as a brand or organization, and understand your products, services, and expertise. Stats can help businesses and marketers of today learn about what platforms and tactics others are using to fulfill their consumers wants and needs, as well as a way to meet their business goals. Let’s look at content marketing stats that can help structure your marketing plan:

Content Optimization Stats

With content marketing being the strategy, content optimization is the process. Content optimization is a method to ensure that the content created is written in a way to reach the largest possible target audience—including search engines. Content optimization can be broken into four key formats: text, image, video, and news. Some tactics include well-crafted search headlines, using keywords strategically, adding in robust SEO metadata, and image tags.

Speaking of content optimization, our new, eight-part weekly series, Optimization Prime, will soon be getting underway with our first entry focusing on—and elaborating more about—content optimization. You can catch part one on Monday, June 17th, 2019!

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer is a Web Project Manager for Falcon-Software, a digital web agency founded in 1994. For the last 13-years Lynette has been in various digital capacities and her expertise goes beyond Project Management. Lynette brings experience and knowledge in graphic design, marketing communications, project management, product management and engagement.

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