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Vizrt Leads The Way in Digital Content Management and Distribution

From stadiums, to broadcasting, to social media, the right content creation, management and distribution tools are essential for sports organizations of all kinds. For the better part of the last two decades, Vizrt has been providing the best of these technologies to teams and brands all over the globe.

“Vizrt is the world leader in supplying visual storytelling tools to the media industry and our mission is to help content creators tell their stories creatively, which then encourages the greatest amount of viewer engagement,” says Daniel Nergård, President of Vizrt Americas. “Our sports business is one of our core functions and one that Vizrt plans to continue to build on with our customers.

Originally founded by TV2 Norway in the early 1990s to create journalist-driven live production solutions, Vizrt now provides a number of tools including augmented reality graphics, advanced analysis, automation tools, and quick editing to empower stories that engage and impact societies. For example, several media companies utilize Vizrt tools to highlight players, stats, and video clips on their broadcasts.

Similar technology can also be used to enhance the experience of live sporting events. For this, Vizrt created a live sports enhancement solution, the “Down and Distance”, tool to show football fans where the first-down markers will be on any given play while opening up sponsorship revenue opportunities to teams and broadcasters. Leading content producers use Vizrt’s technology to breakdown the action which also results in a number of coaches leveraging the technology to dissect game film. Vizrt’s solutions give viewers additional capabilities like automatic player tracking, as well as virtual perspectives and 3D camera flights in order to give unique views of every single play.

These and other innovations enable Vizrt to fulfill their promise of creative power made easy.

Moving forward, Vizrt plans to venture even further into the sports world, as evidenced by the recent founding of a new global sports unit. A key area of focus for this group will be the increasingly important virtual advertisement business, along with the world of esports. 

“The Global Sports unit at Vizrt was formed earlier this year to refine our focus on the tools that sports rights holders need to engage viewers and to monetize content,” says Stephan Würmlin Stadler, President of Global Sports at Vizrt. “We have a world-class team based all around the globe with a wealth of expertise in sports tools, virtual advertising and esports – all whose sole focus is to help sports rights holders engage their fans and viewers.” 

In the past, Vizrt have worked with esports clients such as Tencent, to visually enhance some of the top tournaments in the world.

At a recent major League of Legends tournament, producers used Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio, along with several other Vizrt live production tools to create 3D graphics on the fly that gave enhanced insight into the action. More projects like this in competitive gaming are to be expected.

Vizrt’s popular virtual advertisement solutions allow teams, leagues and venues to create sponsorship inventory specific to multiple regions, instantly engaging even larger audiences while unlocking new revenue streams.

“Leagues and teams keep producing more and more content on different platforms while sports networks will constantly rethink ways to produce, distribute and monetize content,” says Kevin Bovet, Vizrt Americas Vice President and Head of Sports. “Personalization of content, gambling, and esports are themes that open up many opportunities as well as challenges to solve. This is an exciting time in the sports industry and we are excited to work with properties to unleash their storytelling and monetization power.” 

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