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Magnolia CMS Adds AI-Driven Search & Personalization

Magnolia partners with Attraqt to bring cross-functional collaboration in the new DXP stack.

Magnolia, the leading content management system (CMS) provider, today announces a strategic partnership with Attraqt Group PLC (LON: ATQT), aligning Attraqt’s innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search and personalization offerings with Magnolia’s rich content platform to provide retailers with the technical efficiency they seek, but without losing the practitioners desires to be more relevant and faster to market.

The partnership will enable retailers and other businesses to fully curate their digital experiences, with a rich preview experience for channels, devices, personas, and scheduled campaigns. With today’s consumers typically entering a site in a more surgical manner, Magnolia believes that experiences need to be adaptive to the changing cohort while not forgetting those that mainly navigate via promotions or merchandising.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Attraqt, said, “Consumers expect even more from brands in this environment. It remains critical for leading brands and retailers to deliver digital experiences that meet the demands of a very exacting shopper audience whilst still meeting commercial goals.

Magnolia’s extensive content offering in tandem with Attraqt’s leading capabilities in search, merchandising, and personalization provides customers the ability to deliver a highly personalized and compelling shopping experience from initial search all the way through to purchase and beyond. Underpinning these best-in-class product discovery solutions is a modern, cloud-native, highly scalable technology that is powered by the latest innovations in AI. This ensures that our joint customers will benefit from best-in-breed technologies. The value of this is a massive boost to operational efficiency as well as the agility to respond quickly to a market that continues to change rapidly.”

Darren Hitchcock, General Manager UK, added, “Analysts including Gartner are now advising on the adoption of a composable DXP strategy, stating that application leaders can not meet market needs or business objectives with monolithic platforms, and therefore, must update tech stacks, decompose the monoliths and deliver task-oriented capabilities.

Retailers have worked long and hard with the ties of e-commerce platform release cycles and technical dependencies and, as such, understand the need for change. The critical focus, however, is to provide a way for the same people to conduct their day-to-day business faster and more efficiently in these new environments. Attraqt and Magnolia together create a powerful collaboration that ensures both technical agility and, critically, supports the practitioners with effective and compliant trading — encompassing the full content/product pool, rich preview with WYSIWYG editing, and full optimization.”

About Magnolia

Magnolia is a leading digital experience software company. We help brands outsmart their competition through better customer experiences and faster DX projects. Get full headless flexibility and seamless workflows across best-of-breed digital experience stacks.

Global leaders such as Argos, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Avis, American Express, and the New York Times all rely on Magnolia for maximum reliability, high-speed project implementation, and exceptional omnichannel experiences.

About Attraqt

Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers. Attraqt provides a set of API-enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent SaaS services covering personalization, search, navigation, merchandising, recommendations, and internationalization.  

The Attraqt platform orchestrates AI models in real-time while allowing clients to integrate their own algorithms. This helps build true personalization strategies and creates differentiated experiences at scale, so our customers can exceed the expectations of today’s shoppers while reaching commercial goals. 

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