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FSLogix, Now a Part of Microsoft!

When we launched FSLogix in 2012, our goal was to build software that helped customers reduce the amount of resources, time, and labor required to support virtual desktops. Our first two products, FSLogix Apps and FSLogix Profile Container, focused on addressing critical needs that have existed from the dawn of desktop virtualization. Our most recent product, Office 365 Container, is designed to enhance the Microsoft Office 365 experience in those virtual desktop environments.

Together, the FSLogix suite of tools has become a fundamental piece of our customers’ desktop environments (physical or virtual), allowing admins to manage each desktop (and their users’ data) the same way–all while delivering near-native or better performance.

Our products have won numerous industry awards and have been broadly adopted by customers around the world. For many of those customers, the immediate value provided by Office 365 Container was simply the introduction to the rest of the FSLogix suite, and we have many customers that consider our software critical to their organizational goals.

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From the beginning, in working closely with several teams at Microsoft, we recognized that our missions were completely aligned. Both FSLogix and Microsoft are dedicated to providing the absolute best experience for companies choosing to deploy virtual desktops. Microsoft strongly reinforced this goal with their recent announcement around Windows Virtual Desktop to provide the best virtualized Windows and Office experience delivered on Microsoft Azure.

We know our team can play a key role in making this happen, and today I am very proud to announce that FSLogix has been acquired by Microsoft. Although it’s still business as usual, FSLogix will soon integrate with Microsoft and join the strength of its enterprise productivity solutions and global reach.

To our community of partners, customers, and colleagues, we’re very thankful for the trust you placed in us. We believe this exciting change will allow us to stay on the forefront of delivering innovative virtual desktop solutions, and we’ll have more to share on that soon. We are super excited about the power and potential of Windows Virtual Desktop to transform the way we work, and we’re looking forward to shaping it for years to come.

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