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OpenText Release 16 EP5 for Content Suite Delivers Business Value in 3 Key Areas

Simplify, modernize and leverage your ECM investment for greater returns

Organizations are struggling to manage and extract business value from ever-increasing amounts of information flowing from ever-diversifying sources, systems and platforms. And, while users want the tools they use at work to be as simple to use as the tools (apps) they use in their personal lives, enterprises want cost effective and accelerated abilities to take advantage of new innovations.

With the initial release of OpenText™ Content Suite 16 in 2016, and each subsequent release since, OpenText has focused on delivering improved usability enhancements, simplification and cloud-readiness. With the launch of OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), here’s how OpenText Content Suite delivers even more business value.

More savings in total cost of ownership with simplified installation and cloud readiness

EP5 continues our goal of streamlining the installation and upgrade process by reducing the time and complexity involved. Whether your enterprise content management deployment is in the cloud or on-premises, all organizations benefit from savings in total cost of ownership, and an accelerated ability to implement new features.

Improvements include:

  • Configuration Scripting: New features allow the import and export of configuration settings. With over 300 administration settings now available, this capability helps reduce the cost and time associated with installations and upgrades, and minimize the likelihood of user errors during setup.

  • System Center: System Center is now the standard tool for defining a Content Suite system, downloading components, upgrading and patching. System Center is a modernized version of the Cluster Management feature formerly delivered with, but now removed from, Content Server.

  • NEW! Syndication: Content Server Syndication, the successor to Remote Cache, is a new feature that allows a subset of content to be synchronized with secondary Content Server installations. It provides up to 60% faster access and management of data in remote locations even if internet connections are lost.

Improved usability with simplified access that enhances compliance

EP5 simplifies usability by improving the ease and breadth of UI customization—making productivity, collaboration and using your ECM platform as a project management tool possible.

Updates include:

Smart View

The Smart View continues to evolve while supporting the needs of audiences across business applications. With EP5, the Smart View is now WCAG 2.0 AA and BITV compliant, making content more accessible to people with disabilities. In addition, new Smart View features continue to simplify and support the collaborative needs of a wider audience by introducing the ability to:

  • Edit permissions on objects

  • Provide access to the Perspectives Editor

  • Enhance Wiki editing

  • Present additional date/time options

  • Enable multi-lingual support in Perspectives

  • Use a new workflow monitoring widget to streamline productivity.

Records Management

Additional Records Management functionality helps simplify the control of content throughout its lifecycle. New features include a redesign of the Classification workspace, which now offers browse or advanced search views for rapid filtering, multi-select actions, pagination and advanced search options for Provenance and Classified items, as well as usage privileges to manage the Classification. Records Management, Physical Objects and Security Clearance administration can be granted to Business Administrators. Email metadata can now be included when exporting disposition results. Security Clearance metadata is dynamically displayed when required.

Connected Workspaces

Connected Workspaces is a Content Suite Platform module providing template-driven workspace objects that allow organizations to develop integrated business solutions with minimal customization. With the launch of EP5, extensive performance enhancements speed up the creation of business workspaces with bulk creation, initial load and bulk import of workspaces that are now up to 20x faster for Content Suite and OpenText™ Extended ECM customers. This release also improves the usability of Connected Workspaces by eliminating time spent on manual search after set-up and during on-going maintenance with these new capabilities:

  • Smart View support for creating workspaces with automated assignment of location, including “Go to location” feature providing immediate, one-click workspace access.

  • The Outlook Add-in Search form allows users to quickly retrieve workspaces while working in Microsoft® Outlook by copying and pasting reference information from an email into a search panel.

Enterprise Connect

Designed to enable users to work with content directly from desktop applications such as Microsoft® Office and Windows® Explorer, EP5 enhancements improve usability and add integration to modern browsers. Additionally, enhanced email filing indicators are now available for business and compliance purposes, and email filing to the appropriate Content Server folder is faster with Outlook Suggested filing.

Content Server Mobile

Provides secure mobile access to OpenText Content Suite to enable viewing and interaction with content, no matter where “your office” might be. The EP5 release enables OpenText Extended ECM users to connect with lead business application processes and interact with connected workspaces on their mobile phone. They can upload photos to record incidents in real time, open workspaces by scanning QR codes, view teams and metadata and navigate to manage and view important documents, accelerating business processes and staying connected and productive, wherever they are. Watch the video.


Content Server Mobile provides secure mobile access to OpenText Content Suite to enable viewing and interaction with content, no matter where “your office” might be.

Enhanced security and compliance for privacy regulations

With content providing the foundation for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise, OpenText Content Suite EP5 continues to provide secure and dependable adherence to policies and regulations—without compromising user adoption and productivity. For example, with the introduction of a new Privacy supporting search feature, the discovery of documents containing phone, credit card, and Social Security numbers is greatly simplified.

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