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Reshaping the Future: Unlocking Automation’s Untapped Value

Report shows that many organizations are yet to unlock automation’s full value

Whether it’s taking advantage of automation quick wins, those use cases that are not only easy to implement but also have a high benefit upside, or implementing automation use cases on a larger scale, the new report by the Capgemini Research Institute “Reshaping the future: unlocking automation’s untapped value” shows that organizations are not yet taking full advantage of the benefits of automation.

The Capgemini Research Institute surveyed more than 700 senior executives who are experimenting with or implementing automation and found that few organizations are deploying multiple use cases at scale (i.e. implementations that go beyond pilot and test projects and are adopted at a larger scale across business units, functions or geographies). This is despite forecasts that cost savings of $32 billion to $165 billion could be realized across sectors (including automotive, retail, utilities, and manufacturing) over the next five years by implementing automation at scale. Of those organizations that are experimenting with or implementing automation, 25% are using automation at scale in the Automotive sector, followed by Industrial Manufacturing and Retail, both at 15%.

The report also reveals where organizations are seeing the greatest benefits in terms of their back-, middle- and front-office operations and key recommendations for how organizations can scale their automation efforts, drawing on the best practices of automation leaders.

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