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Qadium Introduces First Product To Detect Malicious Network Traffic From Internet Edge

Company Also Rebrands as Expanse

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Qadium, the first company to provide real-time discovery of customers' assets across the entire global Internet, today introduced the first product for detection of malicious network traffic from customers' full network edge. The cybersecurity startup also unveiled its rebranding from Qadium to Expanse.

Expanse Edge Behavior is the first solution to combine knowledge of what an asset is with its history of communications with other systems across the Internet. It changes the game for IT security teams at large organizations, allowing them to confidently assess the risk posed by communication between their frequently changing network edge and non-company assets on the public Internet.

"Edge tracking is a business imperative today, when the biggest breaches come through unknown company assets on organizations' distributed networks," said Expanse CEO and cofounder Tim Junio. "With Edge Behavior, Expanse can show customers where their online assets are, as well as what systems their assets have been communicating with. Until now, organizations were in an endless, labor-intensive race to discover risks at their network edge before malicious actors could. With this potent new capability in the fight against modern, machine-speed cyberattacks, that race can now be won."

Edge Behavior works by monitoring traffic associated with all customer edge devices, including those in cloud services, regional offices, and even remote workstations. It fuses that information with other asset data to build a behavioral baseline of a customer's extended network over time, flagging suspicious activity with real-time alerts. With no installation or customization required, Edge Behavior detects communication to and from a customer's Internet edge indicative of a breach, or of risky activity including connections to services like Tor or BitTorrent, servers behaving in anomalous ways, communication with device types that are commonly compromised or used as command and control servers, and similar communication.

Expanse Edge Behavior also identifies compliance issues, showing customers where their Internet edge policy gaps are, how to close them, and keep them closed. Most organizations don't know whether or not their IT policies are being consistently applied across their entire network edge, or even if their monitoring is comprehensive. Expanse now enables both discovery of an organization's assets and detection of their communications beyond the network edge.

About Expanse

Expanse (formerly Qadium) is the first company to provide real-time discovery of customers' assets across the global Internet. In a new era of machine-speed attacks, we help the world's most sophisticated organizations define and secure their dynamic network edge. Expanse's customers include Fortune 500 companies and major government agencies focused on making their Internet edge a strategic asset instead of a liability. Investors include New Enterprise Associates, TPG, Institutional Venture Partners, and Founders Fund. For more information go to

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