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Cloudera Delivers Its Most Powerful Machine Learning and Analytics Platform - Cloudera Enterprise 6

Cloudera Altus hybrid cloud innovations accelerate data value for enterprises

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 10, 2018 — Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR), the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud, announced the availability of Cloudera’s most powerful platform for data warehousing and machine learning - Cloudera Enterprise 6.0.  Cloudera also announced Cloudera Altus hybrid cloud innovations that unify control and governance of long-running and transient workloads on public clouds and data centers, managed by customers or as-a-service by Cloudera. These new platform enhancements help accelerate enterprise expansions of data warehousing and machine learning applications by increasing cloud deployment choice and giving IT confidence and control of those options. Coupled with the general availability of recently announced innovations in data warehousing performance, hybrid data warehouse-as-a-service, and intelligent workload experience management, Cloudera is demonstrating its commitment to continued technology innovation and leadership in data warehousing and machine learning at scale.  

“With the explosion of data driven by IoT and digital transformation, businesses require fast access to data wherever it may reside.  The most valuable asset all businesses have today is their data,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer of Cloudera. “With Cloudera Enterprise 6.0, our customers can unlock value from their data faster across their data centers and the public cloud. Our modern machine learning and analytics platform - hybrid by design - lets you build and deploy AI solutions at scale, efficiently and securely, anywhere you want.”

Increased Performance for SQL, Real-time and Streaming Workloads at Scale

Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 delivers advances in performance and enterprise quality, with innovations in search, streaming, scale, and control—all designed to help enterprises operationalize data insights faster. Unlike competing data platforms that package unproven and often untested open source components, Cloudera carefully curates, integrates, and tests its hybrid open source platform against real enterprise use cases to ensure it meets the most demanding customer standards. The latest release is Cloudera’s most powerful platform for mission-critical data warehousing and machine learning applications, capable of running on-premises, in the cloud, wherever the data resides. Release 6.0 delivers performance improvements for SQL, real-time, and streaming workloads and adds full-text search capabilities for data warehousing. The release also makes it easier to efficiently and securely manage more nodes - up to 2,500 by a single Cloudera Manager instance - with fewer resources, reducing administrative overhead and infrastructure costs, while increasing confidence in continued expansion of large-scale deployments.

Fred Koopmans, Cloudera’s VP product management, shares how Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 can make data analysts, data scientists, and developers more productive, efficient, and effective in the cloud or on-premises.

Cloudera Altus and SDX Deliver Hybrid Control of Long-Running and Transient Workloads Across Clouds and Data Centers

The integration of Cloudera SDX and Cloudera Altus public cloud management technologies provide customers maximum cloud flexibility, enabling enterprise IT to control workloads anywhere, managed any way, and deliver a shared data experience business and data professionals demand. Enterprises typically cite security, governance, and complexity among their primary reasons for not moving their operational workloads to the public cloud. Cloudera SDX (shared data experience) provides unified metadata control, simplifies administration, and maintains context as well as data lineage across storage services, workloads, and operating environments. SDX makes it possible for critical metadata such as security and governance policies and business definitions to be set once, applied to workloads anywhere, and persist on public cloud infrastructure. Altus hybrid cloud control integrated with SDX allows long-running and transient workloads, managed as-a-service by Cloudera or managed as part of a customer’s Cloudera deployment, to have immediately available data context; making it easier to share, trust, and audit data-driven activities while also reducing the impact on operational overhead.

Partner Ecosystem Embraces Cloudera 6.0

Cloudera software partners Arcadia Data, Syncsort, and Zoomdata have certified on Cloudera Enterprise 6.0, representative of the powerful ecosystem in the process of certifying on the platform.

“Cloudera and Arcadia Data are working together to help customers tackle some of today’s greatest business challenges - from driving operational efficiencies to stopping cybercrime,” said Shant Hovsepian, CTO at Arcadia Data. “We believe Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 represents a major step forward in productivity and efficiency, and we’re pleased to be one of the first software partners to certify against the platform.”

“Syncsort and Cloudera together make it easier, more secure, and cost-effective for data scientists and business analysts to unlock the value of data anywhere it lives, including mainframes, IBM i servers, enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) and streaming platforms, on-premise and in the Cloud,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “We’re excited to see improvements in platform performance and scale that we believe will power the next generation of data warehousing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence workloads.”

“Businesses today operate in a wholly different landscape than even just a decade ago. We believe Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 gives companies a competitive edge by revolutionizing data warehousing, providing a consistent, enterprise-class experience across cloud and on-premises environments,” said Nick Halsey, CEO of Zoomdata. “By combining those capabilities with Zoomdata’s interactive and visual data discovery experience, business users and analysts will be more productive and efficient, and able to follow the stories hidden in that data.”

Data Warehousing Innovations Are Now Generally Available

Recently announced data warehousing products are all now generally available. This includes:

  • Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse, a modern data warehouse as-a-service, that is multi-cloud, running on both Microsoft Azure and AWS and delivers enterprise-grade analytics, governance, and performance
  • Cloudera Data Warehouse, a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse that handles 50 PB data workloads, delivers sub-second query performance and serves clusters with hundreds of compute nodes
  • Cloudera Workload XM, an intelligent workload experience management cloud service that enables enterprises to confidently support today’s exponential growth in analytic workloads and deliver the analytic experience that businesses and data professionals demand

Cloudera was recently cited by customers as having one of the best data warehouse solutions and they named us 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Management Solutions for Analytics.  A small sample of large enterprise customer reviews is highlighted below. To read the complete reviews, visit Gartner Peer Insights:

  • “Enterprise class solution.”--Five-star rating by VP Data Science in the finance industry
  • “Cloudera gives enterprise-level integration to a complex ecosystem.” -- Five-star rating by Senior Director, Product Engineering in the services industry
  • “Share information across an enterprise with little effort.”-- Five-star rating by Advanced Analytics Manager in the transportation industry
  • “Quality, reliability and stability at a low maintenance cost.” -- Five-star rating by Director, Architecture in the communications industry
  • “A lot of additional features makes it worthy to implement.”-- Five-star rating by Engagement Manager in the services industry
  • “Implementation in the cloud is far easier than on premise.”-- Four-star rating by Data Architect in the finance industry

Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice is a recognition of vendors by verified end-user professionals, taking into account both the number of end-user reviews and the overall user ratings. To be considered for inclusion, a vendor must have 50 or more published reviews and an average overall rating of 4.2 stars or higher across those reviews accumulated within the 12-month submission period.


All are generally available now:

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