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Oracle Lauded for Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning Solution

Oracle Autonomous Data Science Cloud Service recognized as a leader in notebook-based predictive analytics and machine learning by independent report

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Sep 25, 2018 - Oracle has been named a leader in notebook-based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (PAML) solutions by Forrester Research, earning the highest average current offering score as well as the highest possible score for its solution roadmap. The Forrester Wave™: Notebook-Based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Q3 2018 report recognizes that Oracle Autonomous Data Science Cloud Service “provides the standardization and controls that enterprises need” and “makes it easy to put models into production by offering visual tools to create APIs with automatic load balancing.”

According to Forrester, PAML solutions are defined as “Software that provides enterprise data scientist teams and stakeholders with 1) tools to analyze data; 2) workbench tools to build predictive models using statistical and machine learning algorithms; 3) a platform to train, deploy, and manage analytical results and models; and 4) collaboration tools for extended enterprise teams including businesspeople, data engineers, application developers, DevOps, and AI engineers.” Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the top notebook-based PAML vendors across 24 evaluation criteria, which were grouped into three categories: current offering, strategy and market presence. Of the nine vendors Forrester evaluated, Oracle was one of the two companies recognized as a leader.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Science Cloud Service, Oracle has a winning solution for our customers to build and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning models on the Oracle Cloud," said Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle Cloud Platform. “I believe that being recognized by Forrester as a leader in this space is not only a recognition of our offering, but of our vision for a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services for developing AI-driven applications. It takes a team to develop AI efficiently, and Oracle offers industry leading solutions for every stage in the AI development lifecycle, whether it be data management, data science, or application development.”

According to the report, “With its recent acquisition of, Oracle has added a critical missing component to its portfolio of machine learning solutions in the cloud.” Adding that, “By combining one of the most promising startups in the notebook-based PAML space with its own related offerings for infrastructure, data management, third-party data sources, BI, and a suite of business applications, Oracle is instantly a force to be reckoned with in the PAML market.”

Oracle Autonomous Data Science Cloud Service enables data science and application development teams to easily build, train, deploy, and manage models on the Oracle Cloud. The platform makes data science and application development teams more productive and enables them to deploy more work faster to power their organizations with machine learning.

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