Industry Insights

Are Expectations too High for Customer Experience Management

On March 31st Stephen Saber, Scott Liewehr and special guests: Annette Franz & Stan Phelps uncovered the truth behind the Customer Experience Management hype. Also, in the Vendor Spotlight segment, Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software reviewed Mouseflow.


Mar 2016 - Show Segments

Headline News

Adobe’s Cloud Gambit Pays Off

It was a gamble when Adobe decided to go all-in for cloud delivery of its products, but it’s paying off in terms of revenue and profit growth. First quarter numbers reported revenue of $1.38 billion, up 25% year-on-year.


Customer-Centric Companies Sweat the Details

In a recent article, Brent Summers, Director of Content Marketing for Segment, stated Customer Experience is quickly becoming the business battleground. Join Stephan and Scott as they discuss the hospitality industry and their loyalty programs.

Vendor Spotlight

Mouseflow Reviewed by Amy Martyn

Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software gives us her vendor review of the analytics platform, Mouseflow. She explains the functionality of their visitor recordings and heatmaps, and what partners and customers are saying about the platform.

CMS Insider

Change in Customer Experience Perception

Scott Liewehr will explain how to measure customer experience in a formulaic way and what the role of marketing in customer expectations is. Tune in for the surprising results from Forrester on their Customer Experience Index.