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We're in the Emerald City for SharePoint Fest 2016

SharePoint and Office 365 have an unmatched history and presence in the CMS industry but users still have questions around how to utilize these platforms most effectively. This is where SharePoint Fest Seattle 2016 came in and CMS-Connected's Reporter Laura Myers, was LIVE on location capturing exclusive interviews with event speakers and attendees to tap into the resonating conversation buzzing on the event floor.
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Aug 2016 - Show Segments

Event Kick-Off

SharePoint Fest Seattle 2016

David Wilhelm, president of SharePoint Fest, takes some time to discuss where it all began, how they work hand in hand with Microsoft, and why SharePoint Fest offers the most up to date, easily accessible training for all things SharePoint and Office 365.


Ben Niaulin, SharePoint MVP, Discusses Sharegate

Ben Niaulin, SharePoint MVP, tells us how Sharegate came to be, why it is different than other migration tools, how it remains relevant in an organization post-migration, and how they utilize conferences like SharePoint Fest to connect with and listen to their audience.


SharePoint is Focused on Creating an Experience

Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, goes in-depth on when and how an organization should move to SharePoint online, and how the future is focused on the creation of compelling experiences to go beyond user adoption and truly engage users.


SharePoint, Office 365 and the Hololens

We spotted Joe Dunn with his Hololens at the event, and upon speaking with him learned he has some fantastic ideas on how it can transform the way everyone is working right now, and the exciting possibilities for technology integration in the future.


New Product Release at Microsoft Ignite

Chris Johnson from Hyperfish, a new start-up company in the Office 365 space, tells us about their new product that is designed to make your directory data and people data more easily accessible to make various Office 365 tools come alive.


The SharePoint and Office 365 Support Community

Tom Resing, a Content Developer with Microsoft, tells us how important feedback is from customers, how they work with these responses to better the Office 365 experience, and how they look for positive tips from customers to share amongst the community of fellow users.


Nintex, the World Leader in Workflow Automation

Nintex is a company that has been in the SharePoint ecosystem for more than 10 years. Mike Fitzmaurice tells us at Nintex, they feel by empowering the individual it empowers the organization, and prepares employees to tackle problems together.

Event Wrap Up

SharePoint Fest Seattle 2016 Wrap-up - David Wilhelm

We catch David Wilhelm as the event winds down to discuss some of the feedback he received from attendees of this event, and how the content of each event is enriched by the almost minute to minute evolution SharePoint and Office 365 are known for.