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Spiro’s Most Recent Funding Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently completed our $1.5 million Series Seed 2 fundraise, and have now officially raised over $5 million in total. Our company has seen massive growth over a short period of time, and we would like to thank all of our investors, both old and new, for this success.

New investors for this round included Zelkova Ventures and NXT Ventures. During this overbooked round, Hyperplane Venture Capital, Geekdom Fund, MassVentures, and New Harbor Partners continued to support our vision of a smarter CRM that helps salespeople focus on selling.

Jay Levy, Managing Partner of Zelkova Ventures who led the Series Seed 2 funding investment stated, “Today, there is a massive shift going on as companies start using artificial intelligence to make their employees more productive. We were impressed with Spiro’s success in using AI to create a full sales CRM that eliminates data entry and provides sales leadership with the insights they need to manage their business.”

In light of this achievement, I wanted to let you know a little about our team’s background, the product itself, how we used previous funding, and how we will use this round of funding.

Our Founders

All of Spiro’s founders have years of experience in the CRM industry and a deep understanding of the technology.

Spiro’s CEO, Adam Honig, has founded 3 successful technology companies after a career in sales. These 3 companies resulted in one IPO and two sales. Now on company number 4, Adam has combined his experience as a salesperson using CRM and as a successful business owner in the CRM industry to create Spiro.

Andy Levi, Spiro’s CTO, leads the engineering team at Spiro. With a degree in systems engineering, he has led technical teams his entire career. Andy previously worked at Forrester Research where his focus was CRM, and he has held various technical leadership positions.

Justin Kao, VP of Growth, leads Spiro’s sales and customer success teams. Previously, Justin worked with Adam and Andy at Innoveer. He has worked his entire career in CRM including at Cloud Sherpas and Mavens where he helped companies like Unum, Staples and Bristol-Myers Squibb achieve success with CRM.

Spiro’s Sales Automation CRM

Spiro is an independent full sales automation CRM that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide salespeople with intelligent reminders, eliminate data entry, and generate sales forecasts. By automating administrative tasks, Spiro allows salespeople to focus on selling. Spiro learns about your sales process, which allows it to give proactive recommendations.

Spiro includes an email assistant that allows people to interact with their CRM without needing to log in. By emailing Spiro’s assistant, a user can immediately gain insight into an opportunity, their pipeline, and their team’s activity, and can set reminders. Spiro also maintains full functionality as a mobile app, allowing salespeople to log calls and close deals outside of the office.\

(If you’d like to see Spiro in action, schedule a quick demo!)

The Last Funding Round

Since raising $3 million in a Series Seed in September of 2017, Spiro has more than doubled its customer base and tripled revenue. Spiro has grown its customer success, sales, and marketing teams significantly. We have also introduced several new features and updates to Spiro, and made enhancements to its AI capabilities.

How We Will Use the New Investment

This most recent round of funding will be used to continue to expand Spiro’s sales and marketing efforts. We are also planning to keep adding awesome new features and updates to Spiro that help salespeople close more deals, and make more money. The field of AI is constantly changing and increasing in its capability, and therefore so is our product.

We also plan to continue expanding our team, and have welcomed several new employees within the past couple months. Any current job opportunities can be found on our Careers Page.

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