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Adobe Planned Shutdown of Business Catalyst and Muse Website Platform will Have Great Impact on Businesses

Recently Adobe has announced the discontinuation of its Muse website builder.  While the shutdown process has already started with the final feature release of Muse on March 26, 2018, technical support for Creative Cloud customers will continue through May 20, 2019.

Adobe Muse registered a .2 percent growth figure in the last year, which was in line with many of the second-tier content management systems. Competing with larger platforms like WordPress, their growth numbers need to be much higher. As a benchmark, W3Techs reports WordPress holds a 30 percent market share and has consistently grown 2-4 percent over the last seven years. For companies to a lead in the website builder and CMS Platforms segments, they need constant innovation and need significant growth percentages.

"The website builder space is a constantly evolving segment requiring constant modernization, attention to shifts in technology, best web practices and ultimately consumers who land on the website or landing page," says Mark Michael, CEO of DevHub.

Adobe Muse, was able to create a small loyal base of users and developers, however not at the scale needed to return profits at a level acceptable to shareholders.
Adobe has also announced it is discontinuing of Business Catalyst, with deletion set for March 26, 2020.  The discontinuation of the popular CMS has surprised the many businesses that use the platform. Business Catalyst is an all-in-one CMS designed to help businesses and digital agencies manage their websites and ecommerce. It integrates sales, services and marketing features.

Adobe said it will take down all Business Catalyst servers on March 26, 2020. And when this happens, the data of all its customers will be deleted.

If you use Business Catalyst, here are some important dates to keep track of:

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