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NEW AND IMPROVED! Introducing the Agility Form Builder that will capture your data and accelerate your growth!

Agility is excited to announce the launch of its newly enhanced online Form Builder as part of its all-in-one web content management (WCM) platform.

“At Agility, we believe that customers deserve an amazing experience, and that all starts with continual and incremental improvements of the Agility platform that are customer-focused. We want our customers to continue to build and customize their stunning websites that are tailored to their website goals and business processes, so we have redesigned our Agility Form Builder to help them capture leads easily and grow their company,” said Joel Varty, VP of Innovation & Development at Agility.

Understanding where the WCM space is heading and what the important trends are, as well as listening to our customers’ feedback and requirements, we redesigned the Agility Form Builder so that it can address the increased need among our customers to easily build and create digital forms anywhere on their website, with no coding experience. Agility customers wanted an integrated solution that could be easily managed and customized, without having to use another third-party solution, thus saving them time and money.

To find out more about Agility Form Builder and how it can help you create and customize your digital forms to improve your business success, click here.

Why You Should Consider Agility Customer Experience Cloud, an All-In-On Web Content Management Platform:
Agility offers a unique all-in-one hybrid CMS platform for websites, ticketing, ecommerce, and personalization. Throughout Agility’s 15-year history, we have helped organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences by empowering them to create amazing digital solutions that bridge the online and offline worlds.

Our all-in-one customer experience platform empowers you to create, customize, and manage your digital solution from a Central Hub, and deliver personalized content across multiple channels. Hosted on Microsoft's Azure True Cloud, we offer you the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, security, & reliability.

  • Experience website and event platform performance that's exceptional and reliable, with no downtime
  • Be free from the worries of onsite infrastructure and capital expenses because Agility is built from the ground up in the Cloud, with a fully-hosted solution using Microsoft Azure
  • As a SaaS company, Agility provides the best customer service
  • Always have the latest version and avoid rebuilding your site from scratch with each upgrade

Agility currently works with customers in a wide range of industries including media & entertainment, retail, education, and more, but with a special focus on businesses that provide events or location-based experiences, and who need online solutions to attract new customers or make online ticket sales.

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