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Syndicated News is Joining Forces with Box

We’re thrilled to announce that’s tech and team have joined Box (NYSE: BOX)!

Over two years ago, we set out to solve the problem of lost documents at work. We built world-class search backed by machine learning and natural language processing to ensure you can always find what you need to do your best work. was also built in a HIPAA-compliant way from the start so that our users’ privacy and security were always respected.

After launching in September 2017 our customers were loud and clear about wanting us to integrate with Box and we quickly delivered. Since then, our relationship with Box has deepened and now we get to build on our vision for a MUCH larger audience as part of the Box team.

We’d like to thank our customers and early beta users for guiding us on this journey, and providing critical feedback when we needed it most.

Our team would also like to extend a very special thank you to our supporters who helped us along the way. This includes Phil and our massively helpful team at All Turtles, the product company we called home for the last year, as well as our investors: Niko and the team at General Catalyst, Jason at Slack, Jason at LAUNCH, and the rest of our backers… Thank you for believing in us.

The family

On a more personal note, it truly takes a village to raise a startup and we couldn’t have done this without the unwavering support of our personal villages: Kie, Keani, Naz, Hongni, Hazal as well as the rest of our families and friends.

Never stop passing the butter,

Jack Hirsch, Adam Walz, and the team

The team — Raku, Jordan, Jack, Tipu, Adam, Wentao and JC

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