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Brandfolder Launches Smart CDN To Help Marketers, Operations Teams Quickly Serve Content, Apply Changes, Manage Digital Rights

Smart CDN functionality enables Brandfolder users to automatically update any asset and control usage rights, regardless of where it resides online

DENVER, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As organizations develop new marketing strategies to encourage deeper engagement with customers, the one key constant – branding – has become intentionally dynamic: Logos are often temporary and iconic packaging changes. To remain agile, brands need to react quickly. Brandfolder today unveiled Smart CDN, focusing on three critical features – the first of which automatically facilitates the dissemination of online changes to any asset, ranging from a logo or image to a significant corporate rebranding. In addition, Brandfolder clients can leverage Smart CDN to reformat assets directly within their Brandfolder and manage usage rights through Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities. A robust yet intuitive Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, Brandfolder enables creatives and marketers to maintain, oversee, effortlessly share and manage brand assets, while gaining valuable insights about how assets are performing. Brandfolder's Smart CDN offers additional value to existing CDN technology from Amazon Web Services.


"We've made it a priority for the Brandfolder technology to react to real life pain points of our clients. By harnessing the power of existing CDNs, we knew building functionality that allows for automatic updates to assets with integrated formatting capabilities would dramatically benefit all our clients," said Luke Beatty, CEO & Chairman, ‎Brandfolder. "In the past few weeks we've seen the news dominated by stories of a major corporate rebrand where the company needed to change every asset. With Smart CDN, this update could have been made within their Brandfolder and propagated across the entire Internet with one click, avoiding countless hours spent by the IT department – leading to significant cost savings for the brand."

How Smart CDN Works

Smart CDN helps solve for several critical problems to ensure near-immediate brand alignment and consistency:

  • Propagate changes across the Internet: At a time when brands need to quickly react to the conversation or controversy of the moment, powerful asset management capabilities become increasingly critical. To enable a rapid fix for marketers and operations leads across retail, e-commerce, franchisees, and more, Brandfolder's functionality leverages existing CDN technology to instantly update the asset in one place instead of contacting every distribution partner.
  • Asset transformation and conversion: In addition to efficiently serving assets to external sites, Smart CDN enables users to instantly update or reformat the size or file type with the exact specifications within their company's Brandfolder – no third-party software required.
  • Manage usage rights: Organizations can face costly legal repercussions if usage rights lapse on assets. Smart CDN links enable Brandfolder users to easily maintain assets bound by strict usage rights, allowing assets to expire per their terms, and replacing deleted or un-approved assets within the same Brandfolder link.

"Our website is the largest face of our company with, by far, the biggest reach. It's always on, it's always there. Whether it's consumers, our distribution partners or our own crew as individuals – when we encounter something new, we all go out to the internet and search to learn more. I really loved the concept of only having to update an asset in one place and having that update pushed everywhere," said Kristi Hunter, Digital Media Marketing at Spyderco, Inc. "I reached out to Brandfolder and asked for a solution to this pain point and Brandfolder delivered. Brandfolder helps me to ensure that our website not only looks its best but that the content is always current, accurate and relevant."

Why Smart CDN

Marketing managers and creative teams are continually managing, producing and editing assets that exist within their ownership and across the digital footprint of their company. With the addition of the Smart CDN functions into its DAM platform, Brandfolder offers clients greater efficiency, speed and control over their brand inventory in the following ways:

  • Efficiency: Marketers and creatives can expedite asset development and file conversion processes by eliminating back-and-forth communication with multiple parties and third-party platforms. When a marketing team undergoes a rebrand and edits its entire collection of digital assets, the CDN will push out all changes through its various data centers across the globe.
  • Speed: Adapt to a dynamic landscape with Smart CDN by making changes at the source – within the DAM – to propagate across the organization's entire digital footprint.
  • Compliance: Ensure that all collateral used from an organization's DAM stays within its prescribed digital rights. When an asset is scheduled to become unavailable in Brandfolder, it will no longer be available via the Smart CDN.

Brandfolder seeks to create a tailored experience for clients, based on the needs of each organization. This mindset extends from the intuitive user interface of its platform to the company's unique approach to building new features and integrations that prioritize the tools and processes its customers already know and use. With the addition of Smart CDN, Brandfolder continues to innovate its offerings to propel its vision for the future of DAM.

About Brandfolder

Brandfolder is the world's most powerfully simple digital asset management platform for storing, sharing and showcasing assets. Organizations like Slack, OpenTable, Shazam and HealthONE rely on Brandfolder to deliver consistent and compelling brand experiences.

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