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Brightcove Pushes the Envelope with Video Experiences that Increase Customer ROI

Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the leading provider of cloud services for video, has been at the forefront of the digital video revolution since its inception, helping enterprises leverage the power of video for marketing and internal communications. At PLAY 2018, Brightcove is excited to share continued momentum and innovations in personalized video experiences, internal and external live streaming, and enterprise user management to help customers deliver exceptional video experiences and realize a greater return on investment on their video content.

“Video is the most powerful form of digital communication. It enables companies to form a deeper, more human connection with their customers. Video moves business, which is why digital marketers and enterprise users are embracing this communication medium like never before,” Caren Cioffi, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing & Enterprise Business Unit, Brightcove, said. “We are excited to continue innovating our platform to help customers power truly amazing video experiences. From personalization to interactive video, live streaming and deeper analytics, we cannot wait to see what our customers do with the new features and functionality that will be announced and previewed at PLAY.”

Here are the latest capabilities announced today at PLAY 2018:

Interactive and personalized video experiences. Last year, Brightcove delivered In-Page experiences, which lets customers add beautiful layouts and interactive elements to any video experience, increasing viewer engagement and conversion. Today, Brightcove has hundreds of customers publishing thousands of In-Page experiences to drive better marketing results. With In-Page experiences as its foundation, this year Brightcove announced new personalized video features that enable customers to push out different offers to different people depending on their unique interests. These new features allow companies to deliver video experiences, ranging from personalized content to playlists and calls to action, tailored to each viewer based on previous interactions and preferences.

One solution for all enterprise video. Last year, Brightcove launched Enterprise Video Suite, a secure, user-friendly solution that manages and tracks performance of live and on-demand video content experiences within enterprises. Brightcove has seen great momentum with the Enterprise Video Suite and helped organizations around the globe with their internal and external video delivery in 2017. This year, Brightcove is expanding In-Page Experiences to the enterprise with interactive video and templatized layouts for live streamed town halls and other live-streamed events. Brightcove also deepened its integration with Microsoft so users can publish these video experiences directly into their Sharepoint instance, bringing video to one of the most popular portal technologies for employees.

Streamlined user management. As video spreads rapidly across the enterprise, customers need more streamlined capabilities to manage the large number of people looking to publish videos. Today Brightcove introduced:

  • Fine-Grained Permissions. Users can now dictate access and define different privileges within each VMS and EVS Studio module. For example, administrators can allow some users read-only access to videos in the media module, or restrict their ability to delete players but still allow them to create new ones.

  • Custom User Roles. Users will be able to group permissions into roles that match workflows, then assign as many users needed to those custom roles.

  • And finally, customers will have access to User Audit Trails where you can see which users made changes to a video or when users last logged in to the account.

Drive better business results. As video continues to expand across the enterprise, measuring its performance is mission critical. The insights gained with video analytics provide a rich source of data to do this. Last year, Brightcove added viewer interactivity analytics to its platform to track individual viewing and interactivity history alongside higher level video performance and engagement. With this data, marketing and enterprise communication professionals can optimize video content, improve lead capture and conversion rates, and improve educational videos. This year, Brightcove announced more robust personalized video analytics, which allow users to track personalized video metrics by individual viewer, viewer segment, and offer. This information quickly demonstrates video performance and ROI per viewer. This data can be used to improve targeting, segmenting, and messaging to improve video marketing results.

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Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ:BCOV) is the leading global provider of powerful cloud solutions for managing, delivering, and monetizing video experiences on every screen. A pioneering force in the world of online video since the company’s founding in 2004, Brightcove’s award-winning technology, unparalleled services, extensive partner ecosystem, and proven global scale have helped thousands of companies in over 70 countries achieve better business results with video. To learn more, visit

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