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'Btab' Announces Plans To Acquire Struggling Retailers

Failing 'big-box retailers' offered reprieve as 'Btab' provides an alternative to closure.

SYDNEY, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Global e-commerce platform 'Btab Commerce' has announced plans for the brand to expand its reach in 2018 by acquiring a number of struggling retailers, who would otherwise be facing closure.

The anticipated announcement confirms the Network's progressive commitment to supporting small and medium sized online enterprises in the online and offline space, which have seen a rapid decline, in the face of niche domination by huge entities such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.

In pursuit of its aim to level the playing field and provide individuals and smaller businesses with access to the same opportunity leveraged by global brands, in turning helping new enterprise remain viable, Btab is now looking to identify and acquire a number of struggling retailers. By incorporating and reinvigorating failing big box retailers, Btab plans to add value to their network and save both jobs, stores and most importantly, family incomes.

By absorbing brands facing difficulties, the Btab Commerce believes it can restructure existing business using its bespoke next generation e-commerce model to turn around troubled retailers. The result will be a next generation e-commerce business model that brings together industry players to combine strength and help support the continued success of small businesses.

The Btab Commerce is now entering talks with potential joint venture partners across a number of countries to ensure the successful implementation of the Btab Commerce operation. In order to raise funds to expand its business operations, Btab have also announced plans to enter the Stock Exchange in the near future.

Btab CEO, Binson Lau commented: "We're excited and eager to begin implementing the next generation e-commerce model and have every confidence that this concept will help countless small and medium sized businesses avoid closure and remain competitive in the face of increasing pressure from global brands who currently dominate. Btab are hoping to become the 'United Nations of e-commerce' as we continue to pursue our objective of supporting fair business practice to suppliers and retailers around the world."

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About Btab Group:

Btab was founded with the vision of assisting potential and aspiring business owners in establishing their online business using the Btab Network as an instrument. The Btab vision is to provide all small and medium businesses with an equal opportunity to improve using the same online technology that's utilized by large multinationals. To do this, Btab works towards ensuring that online technology is affordable and within the reach of growing business, through the Btab Network.

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