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What are the top web analytics tools for tracking visitors on a granular level and creating an attribution model for leads over time?

We’re big fans of real-time visitor tracking in CRMDialer. The visitor tracking functionality sets up salespeople with exact knowledge of what they should talk to prospects about based on their browsing history on a particular domain.

CRMDialer will instantly show a popup when a cookied user has returned back to your site, notify what the person is looking at this very second, click by click, and then bind their browsing history back to their CRM record. When real-time popups begin appearing, salespeople literally light up right after an email blast is the most innovative advancement.

Sure, you could and likely have gone with something more general like Google Analytics and received anonymous data, but when you really want to understand what your visitors are clicking on, interested in or confused about, you need actionable and identifiable data in real time.

Hotjar is a great tool but unfortunately leaves analysts looking at backwards data so it’s not actionable for sales people. RocketBolt is a great tool, we paid to try it, but you need to integrate it with your systems first and has a fraction of CRMDialer’s functionality. We are fans of skipping the middleman and serving prescriptive information directly to the revenue center – your salespeople.

When you want to switch out your cold calls for meaningful conversations based on browsing information of your visitors, your sales team needs the info displayed in real time. Those are two of the main reasons we added real-time visitor tracking to CRMDialer:

Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking is one of the newest features added to this powerful platform and we love it. It was unveiled in mid-April 2018 — and it’s a real game changer. See, we all understand the missed opportunity not having some form of visitor tracking presents for businesses of all sizes. Did you know that the average business only converts about 5% of their website visitors into customers?

That’s just sad. So, after we learned about the power of tracking, we had to add it into our already powerful platform. Historically, website visitor tracking was always segmented. You’d have to log into different systems to manage your leads and another one for checking out the analytics. The systems weren’t connected; and most of the time, the information was already old-hat by the time you got it.

We wanted to do things differently by providing a white label CRM system that does everything out of the box – chat, email, SMS and visitor tracking. We didn’t want to give our clients outdated information. We wanted to make sure you know what’s happening as it happens — and all in one easy-to-use system. So, now, you can be managing your leads, calling prospects, validating emails and using chat to communicate and share information with the rest of your team. Once a visitor clicks onto your website, you get an instant pop-up with their name, contact information and a record of details like what they click and how long they spend on each page.

Once you have that information, you can start reaping the rewards of highly targeted information based on a user’s browser history. Some of the benefits include better lead generation, improved lead quality and personalized customer contact. And that’s what it’s all about. The more you can have meaningful, personalized conversations with your prospects and customers, the more deals you’re going to ultimately close.

You get more than just visitor tracking. You also get innovative features like:

  • Highly accurate speech recognition for record keeping and data entry
  • SMS to help you reach more prospects, get a higher response rate and convert more prospects into clients
  • A built-in helpdesk that lets you deliver amazing support and track every ticket that comes in
  • A call center cloud software that’s fully-loaded and always on the cutting edge of technology

Visit CRMDialer to see our website visitor tracking in action or to sign up for a free forever (yep, forever!) account to take the full suite of features for a test drive.

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