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Cludo Just Killed The 404 Page As You Know It

Cludo is First-To-Market with Machine Learning Driven Intelligent 404 pages that offer direct pathways to content that is relevant to website visitors, when the page they land on no longer exists.


MINNEAPOLIS, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cludo (, a leading site search and insights company, today announced the launch of Intelligent 404, a first-of-its-kind machine learning driven solution that automatically creates pathways to relevant content for website visitors landing on dead website links, otherwise known as 404 pages.

Parkinsons UK Intelligent 404 Example
Parkinsons UK Intelligent 404 Example
Cludo Intelligent 404 Exmaple
Cludo Intelligent 404 Example

Utilizing the same proprietary technology that Cludo uses to power site search for organizations like Vodafone, The Bank of England, Texas A&M and Roche, Cludo's Intelligent 404 pages create pathways to content that is relevant to website visitors, when they land on pages that no longer exist. They continue to learn and adapt based on visitor behavior, creating smart pathways where website dead-ends once existed.

The pervasive problem of 404s is caused when visitors add the wrong extension to a web address, or a visitor clicks on an outdated link. These interactions lead to frustration and lost conversions, yet are typically addressed by amusing pictures and captions.

Instead, Cludo's new solution detects the content the visitor was seeking, and moves them to the page where it currently exists. The solution is driven by Cludo's proprietary machine learning algorithms, using a number of data points to identify pages that are most relevant to the visitor hitting a 404 page. It's the same powerful AI technology that's been proven to work in Cludo's search solution.

"Pictures of sleeping kittens or dancing bears holding signs that say "sorry" on 404 pages just doesn't cut it anymore- they are amusing, but ultimately useless," said Philip Andersen, CEO of Cludo. "Why send people to a dead end, when you help them along their content journey with more relevant options?"

Cludo's Intelligent 404 has been beta tested for several months with a select group of Cludo's clients, with outstanding results. On average, each beta customer saw 10,576 404 pages served per month, with 1,510 more page views being generated by the Intelligent 404 module. The Intelligent 404 links scored a mean reciprocal rank (MRR) of .782, meaning they were highly relevant, and were served within 104.9ms, which is 99% faster than industry standard response times for search applications.

"Cludo's 404 module gave Vodafone Australia the opportunity to transform a 404 page that had one static link, to a 404 page with dynamic links that best match what our customers are looking for. This means our customers can find the page they're looking for much quicker," said Lyndon Barnett, Senior Digital Content & SEO Manager of Vodafone Australia. "In addition, the 404 analytics tells us the referrer domain with the broken link and we can see what the broken links are. We can then either fix the broken link or create redirects to deliver customers directly to the page they want. Overall this superior navigation tool provides a better customer experience."

To learn more about Cludo's Intelligent 404 pages and see them in action, please visit :  ‎

About Cludo
Cludo ( is one of the world's leading site search and insights providers, utilized by some of the biggest brands, educational institutions and government organizations across the globe to easily tailor and gain deep insights from their website's search functionality. Cludo's intelligent solutions are compatible with any website, and can be installed in minutes. For more information please visit, or reach out to us at

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