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Rapid Akamai API Gateway Adoption Demonstrates How DevOps Can Drive Exceptional End-User Web Experiences

Customer momentum highlights the value of API management at the edge to enable more secure and better performing API access for digital business needs P and Thomson Reuters Simplify Cross-Border Transaction Costs

Cambridge, MA | Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, today announced significant early momentum for its Akamai API Gateway, including successful customer adoption across a number of markets and geographies. Launched in April, the Akamai API Gateway is designed to eliminate the common challenges in scale, secure access and delivery that developers face when publishing their APIs. Early customer deployments on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, which delivers more than 445 billion API hits and 2.4 petabytes of API traffic daily, underscore Akamai’s ongoing commitment to enabling DevOps initiatives to achieve digital success.

Among customers that deployed the Akamai API Gateway, several use cases have emerged that demonstrate its far-reaching value. As businesses continue to seek ways to make delivering, securing and managing APIs easier, they are using the API Gateway to:

  • Manage external APIs at peak demand: An international retailer deployed the Akamai API Gateway to manage external APIs, helping it to accommodate peak demand for applications that run across its website, mobile app and in-store kiosks. The retailer leverages Akamai’s administrative APIs to integrate the Gateway within existing workflows and to maximize application security for API endpoints using Akamai’s Kona Site Defender.
  • Streamline app interactions: A global logistics provider has adopted the Akamai API Gateway to streamline customer ecommerce application interactions and realize the benefits of Akamai’s unparalleled availability and security. Leveraging the Akamai API Gateway, the customer was able to enjoy seamless integration with Akamai’s platform as well as the granular access
  • Offload token authorization to reduce costs: A leading provider of hotel business process management (BPM) solutions has implemented the Akamai API Gateway to throttle API traffic and control requests. The company uses the Akamai API Gateway to offload token authorization, allowing the company to increase scalability and reduce costs.

“Akamai is committed to enabling IT and development to better collaborate on improving application quality and business impact,” said Craig Adams, Vice President Product Management, Web Performance Business Unit, Akamai Technologies. “The Akamai API Gateway brings together Akamai’s DevOps solutions with a holistic and highly effective approach to delivering, securing, and governing the use of APIs on our platform. We believe the result is an-industry best approach for connecting DevOps, API management, and the delivery of web experiences.”

Unlike competitive offerings, Akamai brings its API Gateway to the edge for easier governance, monitoring and scale of APIs that are critical to enabling new business models. The Gateway frees up time spent on managing and maintaining published APIs, allowing developers to focus on API strategy, design and implementation with increased agility.

Akamai’s recently introduced API developer resource site equips developers with the tools and resources to get started with the Akamai API Gateway. The site includes getting-started guides, a product demo, and use cases so API developers and DevOps teams can understand how the solution can add value for their applications.

To learn more about Akamai API Gateway, check out this webinar: Introducing Akamai API Gateway


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