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Drip Offers E-Commerce CRM Platform


Drip has unveiled the E-Commerce Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) platform, a solution designed to help retailers place customer relations at the center of a CRM platform.

Drip’s tracking code delivers full customer timelines for each person that interacts with your business, forming a single source of truth for retailers. Users can apply custom tags, fields, or events to their customers.

Drip Offers E-Commerce CRM Platform

The ECRM platform provides businesses with access to:

  • Actionable customer insights: Retailers can gain a clearer view on the leads, repeat purchases, conversion, abandonment and sales that inform customer lifetime value;
  • One-to-one marketing: Drip connects to the full spectrum of its platforms and customers’ activities, providing retailers with an additional layer of context that ensures marketing is more personalized;
  • An email builder for personalized campaigns: Retailers can customize their messaging for individual shoppers, or even segment shoppers based on dozens of attributes; and
  • A digital marketing motherboard: Retailers can collect and connect data points from owned and paid digital channels between its order management, CRM and marketing analytics.

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