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Elastic Path Empowers Enterprises to Cultivate Customer Trust

Elastic Path Commerce includes GDPR tools to enhance customer data privacy

VANCOUVER (PRWEB) Elastic Path Software Inc, provider of the world’s most flexible enterprise commerce platform, today announced the general availability of Elastic Path Commerce 7.2, which will enable companies to support customer data privacy under the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Elastic Path Commerce 7.2 includes customizable, user-friendly tools that enable enterprises to configure and enforce data policies, as well as manage consent and delete customer data.

From May 25, all companies that engage with European citizens must adhere to the new data privacy regulation. The GDPR affects companies based in Europe, as well as any businesses that collect and process personal data of individuals in the EU.

The secure management of personal data is essential for enterprises to create long-lasting relationships with their customers, according to Peter Lukomskyj, Vice President, Products at Elastic Path. “By ensuring data privacy and respecting customers’ rights, enterprises earn and retain trust. This results in increased engagement and customer lifetime value,” he said. “Data privacy concerns are intensifying across the world, and we will continue to evolve our solution to help enterprises maintain the trust of their customers.”

GDPR highlights from Elastic Path Commerce include:

  • Targeted Data Management and Automated Retention Periods. Create data policies to specify the retention period of personal data for specific customer groups, and then capture and track consent from customers for each policy.
  • Simplified User Experience. Manage the data policies applicable to each customer, tag and sort groups of customers, and view permissions through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Support for Customer Privacy. Easily fulfill requests for data removal, as well as access to or correction of personal information. Automatically clear data after retention periods, while optionally excluding data that must be retained for legitimate reasons, and grant individuals access to their data via reports.

“Trust is the foundation of a company’s relationship with their customers,” said Harry Chemko, CEO at Elastic Path. “Elastic Path is committed to giving enterprises the tools they need to comply with the GDPR.”

About Elastic Path
Defining the future of commerce, Elastic Path develops the world’s most sophisticated enterprise commerce solutions. The company’s flagship product, Elastic Path® Commerce, has helped the world’s top brands generate over $60 billion in over 170 countries. Customers from industries as diverse as travel, telecoms, publishing, software, and retail enjoy the benefits of a flexible, open architecture that drives brand-defining customer experiences, facilitates business agility, and eliminates sales channel silos. Elastic Path is a private company based in Vancouver, Canada with offices in the UK and US.

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