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Jahia Releases a Full-GDPR Compliant Version of Marketing Factory

First on the market, Jahia’s AB testing and personalization software tackles GDPR’s key requirements

Washington, DC - Geneva Switzerland - Paris, France, February 12, 2018 - Jahia Solutions Group (, vendor of the most advanced open source Digital Experience Platform today announced the release of Marketing Factory 1.8. This full-GDPR compliant version of Marketing Factory will allow Jahia customers to take the lead in producing even more respectful experience to their customers, paving the way to renewed relationships between brands and their clients.

“ Our long standing commitment to data privacy - we’ve been actively working on and providing dedicated solutions since 2015 - allowed us to come up with the most comprehensive answer to GDPR, as of yet. Marketing Factory 1.8 is one of the seldom solution already available on the market to help companies comply with the upcoming new requirement.” says Romain Gauthier, Marketing Factory Product Manager at Jahia.

Marketing Factory 1.8: Full-GDPR compliant
The new version of Jahia’s AB testing and personalization software comes up with out of the box features that tackle GDPR key requirements:

  • Consent management (Lawfulness of processing - Article 6): Marketing Factory stores granted / denied/ revoked consents for each visitor profile. The solution also asks for consents from the new Privacy Manager or through any form. Analytics are provided to follow the rate of accepted/denied consents and for each consent.
  • Anonymize my profile (Right to be forgotten - Article 17): grants each visitor with the possibility to anonymise his profile, while still allowing for his data to be collected.
  • Download my profile (Right of access - Article 15): grants each visitor with the ability to download his profile and attached data from a Marketing Factory-powered website.
  • Right to rectification (Right to rectification - Article 16): It is already possible to visitors from a DX-powered website to edit their personal data with the implementation of out-of-the-box form mapping and field prefill with personal data. Our development team is working to an even easier access with the creation of a reusable DX component for the page profile.

Marketing Factory allows for a consistent data privacy enforcement throughout the entire application ecosystem
On top of meeting these key requirements, Marketing Factory provides the means for a truly integrated customer journey: Marketing Factory 1.8 integrates with companies application ecosystem in order to pass on to the next application the visitors’ demands in regards to their data privacy.

Jahia’s long standing commitment to data privacy
The company spearheaded a standardization initiative with the OASIS consortium in early 2015 to develop a standard that will enable the creation, management and delivery of personalized web and digital experiences. This initiative lead to the creation of the OASIS Context Server (CXS) Technical Committee (TC). This initiative also led to the contribution by Jahia of Unomi, the reference implementation of the CXS TC to the Apache Foundation. Apache Unomi is Marketing Factory’s Customer Data Platform, natively conceived “Privacy-by-design”


About Jahia
Jahia is a software vendor that provides the most comprehensive and integrated open-source Java Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that unifies content, applications and customer data for truly personalized customer experience.

Leveraging Jahia’s DXP strong continuous integration capabilities and easy to use interfaces, IT & Marketing teams build and manage together all their multichannel initiatives, faster than with any other solution.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Jahia Solutions Group has its North American headquarters in Washington, DC, with offices in Houston, Toronto and throughout Europe. Jahia’s loyal customers community counts hundreds of  global brands and organisations such as HomeAway, BNP Paribas, Sodexo and the European Parliament. For more information:
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