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Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is Now Generally Available

A Back in November, we announced the beta of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition. Today, on the heels of introducing Cloud Text-to-Speech and updating Cloud Speech-to-Text, we’re releasing Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for general availability, complete with support and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that businesses need for their production deployments. It’s been a busy month for Cloud AI and conversational technology! Hundreds of thousands of developers already use Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) to build voice- and text-based conversational experiences powered by machine learning and natural language understanding. Even if you have little or no experience in conversational interfaces, you can build natural and rich experiences in days or weeks with the easy-to-use Dialogflow platform. Further, Dialogflow's cross-platform capabilities let you build the experience once and launch it across websites, mobile apps and a variety of popular platforms and devices, including the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook Messenger. Starting today, Dialogflow API V2 is generally available and is now the default for all new agents, integrating with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, enabling agent management via API, supporting gRPC and providing an easy transition to Enterprise Edition with no code migration. We're constantly expanding Dialogflow capabilities to provide you with the best developer experience. Here are some other new features that we added since the beta:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Domino’s and Ticketmaster have built conversational experiences with Dialogflow, helping them meet their customers where they are and assist them across their journeys. And for DPD, the UK’s leading parcel delivery company, “Dialogflow made it easy to build an AI-powered conversational experience that delights consumers using the resources and skill sets we already have. We estimate that Dialogflow helped us get our conversational interface to market 12 months sooner than planned,” says Max Glaisher, Product Innovation Manager at DPD.

Innovative businesses across industries are adopting Dialogflow Enterprise Edition

Companies are now turning to Dialogflow Enterprise Edition as they scale up to engage with growing numbers of users across multiple platforms.

Video game publisher Ubisoft uses Dialogflow as part of “Sam,” a personal gaming assistant that delivers personalized information and tips related to its video games and services. “Using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, Ubisoft has access to a natural language processing system for Sam that can understand text and voice input efficiently out of the box,” says Thomas Belmont, Producer at Ubisoft. He adds that while developing Sam, “The team needed tools that let them iterate quickly and make modifications immediately, and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition was the best choice for those needs.” Dialogflow has also helped ensure a good user experience, with Sam answering 88% of player (user) requests in its first three months as a beta.

Best Buy Canada To enhance the online shopping experience, Best Buy Canada built a conversational experience to make it quicker and easier for consumers to find the information they need using the Google Assistant. “Using Dialogflow, we've been able to steadily increase user sessions with our agent,” says Chris Rowinski, Product Owner at Best Buy Canada. “In the coming months, we plan on moving to Dialogflow Enterprise Edition so we can continue to scale up as our users and user engagement grow on voice- and screen-based devices."

Ticketmaster, the world’s top live-event ticketing company, picked Dialogflow to build a conversational experience for event discovery and ticketing, and is now also developing a solution to optimize interactive voice response (IVR) for customer service. “I remember how excited I was the first time I saw Dialogflow; my mind started racing with ideas about how Ticketmaster could benefit from a cloud-based natural language processing provider,” says Tariq El-Khatib, Product Manager at Ticketmaster. “Now with the launch of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, I can start turning those ideas into reality. With higher transaction quotas and support levels, we can integrate Dialogflow with our Customer Service IVR to increase our rate of caller intent recognition and improve customer experience.”


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